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Do I have to return You View box?

First Timer
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I have been with Talk Talk for 8 years, phoned to cancel my contract on 17th June, it ended 21st June, so I have incurred a small leaving charge. New provider was installed on the 28th June. 


I received a return envelope to send back the talk talk equipment.  I have a router and a You view box.  The You view box is the original one and I've had it for a couple of years - maybe three.  The remote control was replaced about a year after getting the box, as it stopped talking to the box. 


I would like to keep the You View box as it enables me to pause and rewind, catch up etc.  


Could a Talk Talk representative clarify if I will be charged for not sending back? It is not clear in the T&Cs. 


Many Thanks 


Support Team
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Hi @Shavorne


The equipment is still ours,  and we would like you to return it,  there is potentially a £50 charge for not returning it


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.