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Does upgrading to fibre mean a new contract

Whizz Kid
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I have received an email from TalkTalk today offering fast fibre at £23.50pm and the latest WiFi Hub for free.

However I currently enjoy excellent discounted boosts until Nov 19 and I think that by accepting this fibre offer, a new contract will start and my current discounts will drop away.

Is this correct?

That being the case I will lose £11.25pm discounts and it would be better to postpone any upgrade until they drop off in Nov 19

Is my thinking correct?



Duggy Blair


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Hi all & thanks for your input


Agreed with TalkTalk that my existing discounting boosts will be unaffected and therefore continue until November when they will offer me a new deal on boosts.

So thats all sorted now and I go live with fibre on the 19th March with free latest WiFi Hub and no set up fees

Sounds a good deal to me


Cheers everyone


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Thanks,  Ferguson. Good to know that this is indeed still in place. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Renewing a contract has no effect on Boosts, any existing discounts will remain in place as previously agreed.

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Could you check with the OCEs for us, @Divsec ? I suspect if you look back through discussions about renewals from a year or so and further back, the point was that our BOOST discounts remained unaffected by a change of contract, so renewing a contract to a better fixed deal early meant that one didn't lose the benefit of discounts on boosts that had been promised for a further few months.


If a change of Ts & Cs was published last autumn, why were we not notified about relevant changes in our billing emails at the time?


Most customers have more to do than browse the Ts & Cs pages of TalkTalk, except perhaps when they are actually going through the renewal process......! We don't do it for fun or to pass the time, so if there are significant changes to what we thought were the rules of the game these really need to be broadcast loud and clear! Really not good enough! These changes are being introduced while many of us are still midway through a contract, so we might well not be looking out for them. Many people don't visit TalkTalk pages on the internet, so unless we are kept informed we are not going to know. TT should be going out of their way to communicate with us!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi I've only been a customer for 3/4 years and don't think ive seen that benefit. From my memory the terms and conditions were updated October/November last year?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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@Divsec , very grateful if you could clarify this last point. It used to be the NORM that previously agreed discounts for boosts would continue or even be reapplied when we took out a new fixed price contract. 


If this is no longer the case, a change of policy has been sneaked in under the radar .....AGAIN!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Community Star
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Hi Rugby, check the small print, I've seen a couple of offers which keep the existing boosts pricing till the end of the existing term then they go up for the remainder of the new contract term.


I hope that makes sense.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.