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Early Termination Fee

First Timer
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I just called up 30 days before the end of my contract, as I was instructed to do when I asked how to cancel earlier in the month and was told I had to pay an early termination fee. Despite explaining to the chap that I was giving 30 days notice before my contract ran out, he kept telling me that I was leaving early.... I told him that this was not going to be the case and mid rant (polite, no raised voice, no swearing) he hung up on me! What a joke!


I can't face battling through the world's most frustrating phone answering system again, so is there another way I can tell these jokers that I'm not renewing?


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Ok the number port, could be an issue as if VM try and port your number there will be a cease on the line and they will NOT be able to request it, a cease overrides a migrate,  they need to take it off an active line,  Have VM already made the request?


Returns bags will be sent to you for the equipment which you wont need anymore and we will recycle (Bin) them.


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Thanks Arne, much appreciated, I have done so.


Truthfully, I was a bit baffled by the second call, he told me that I could not keep my landline number if I cancelled (I had asked VM to port it over) but I go the feeling he was trying to talk me out of leaving so I just said 'yeah, whatever, just get me out of this contract' or words to that effect. He was relentlessly cheerful though, so kudos to him for the chirpy demeanor when presumably all he gets are grumpy gits like me telling him that they can't be doing business with TalkTalk one minute longer than they have to. He also read me a load of Ts and Cs which I could not make out over the dodgy line and I think I was promised an email confirmation that I've not had, so if you could verify that my account comes to an end on 19th August, I would be most grateful.


He also said something about sending back some equipment, which I'm happy to do, but I cant believe that you want that rubbish back, It's over 3 years old and was already obsolete when it arrived.....? Again, I could not really make out what he was saying, so a bit of clarification would be most welcome!


Support Team
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Hi @rskegg 


Sorry that you had so much trouble, Can you add your landline number to your community profile so I can check the notes from the first agent and provide feedback. 




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Much more so in my experience, but best of luck nonetheless. 


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Turns out that the first person I spoke to was a moron. Now cancelled without an early exit fee. 1 hour of my life wasted, but we got there in the end! I would say I am pleased to leave, but as I'm going to Virgin Media, I suspect that they are just as dreadful as TalkTalk....