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Early Termination & Upgrade Question

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I'm with a different provider currently and my contract has expired (meaning I'm paying twice as much as I should for the service). FTTP rollout is happening in my area but it's been months in the process and there's no clear date when it'll be ready. 


My question is, how does early contract termination work if I upgrade to a different product by TalkTalk when it becomes available? I.e. can I take out a Fibre product now with a 24 month contract, and jump onto 'Future Fibre' when it becomes available (with a new contract) or would I incur a penalty? 





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Thanks for your reply. 


I'd break even on the switch fee in about two months so kind of a no-brainer. Works associated with future fibre rollout have been inching along for about half a year now, which is the reason I'm running out of patience and am considering a new 'slow' contract to get me over the line as there's no end in sight. 


Appreciate the input! 



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@Kastytis Whilst not demurring from the advice given by Gondola in the least, there is little to be gained from hanging on while Future Fibre is being rolled out on a timescale that none of us can be sure of.  Given that uncertainty and especially if you are paying over the odds with your current provider,  if I was in your position I would probably switch if the deal available is a good one. And as things unfold it may be that TalkTalk would waive any fees normally involved if you were to switch mid-contract to an improved package. That sort of thing is best negotiated at the appropriate time. 

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Hi Kastytis 


The TalkTalk standard pricing is shown here:  Our Pricing


Look at the One off fees and you'll see there's a £30 Change Package Admin Fee.  So the answer is yes, you may change package but there is the Admin Fee to consider.



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