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Ebill notification cannot be sent to a Talktalk email address

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Please please can someone review the decision to no longer allow ebill notifications to be sent to Talktalk email addresses.  I'm pretty sure that this decision hasn't been communicated to me or any other customer and the first time I've been made aware of this is when I received a letter telling me to change my email address or be billed £2.75 per month for the privilege.  I've just wasted about 30 minutes of a customer service agent's time and that's presumably multiplied by many times so I dread to think how much this is eating into your profits let alone how many new customers you haven't been able to sign-up.  Also, how much money are you wasting printing off and posting these letters?  No doubt next contract renewal will be loads more to cover your increased costs and lost revenue.  How many customers will you be losing to your competitors who are cheaper because they haven't wasted a load of money on a poor decision.


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Hi webbew01


Sorry for the problems that you are having. 


The usual fix for this problem is to switch your billing notification to a non TalkTalk address temporarily once the next notification goes through you can switch it back to your preferred address. I appreciate that it is not ideal. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused


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Hi webbew01 


New customers have to register a non-TalkTalk email address for the MyAccount login.


It's more secure to use a unique MyAccount password than use a TalkTalk email address as the login that forces the use of the email password.


The billing system has put a stop on sending to the current email address due to an instance of non-delivery.


The workaround is to set a non-TalkTalk email address as the MyAccount login. Revert to email notifications, wait for the next billing notification to arrive. Once there's been a successful delivery and the paper billing reset to email notifications you'll be able to revert to a TalkTalk email address if you wish. My advice is to stay with the non-TalkTalk email address but it's your choice.

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