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Echo Dot Offer colour option

First Timer
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The Amazon Echo Dot and smart plug offer information says, in more than one place, that one can select the product colour.  I want a white Echo Dot but it seems impossible to select anything other than the charcoal version that is offered.


Either stop saying that there are colour options or arrange for Amazon to offer alternative colours and update customers accordingly.


I am waiting.  The clock is ticking on my time limited offer.  Please sort it out one way or another.


First Timer
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After trying many times in different ways I have eventually managed to order the colour Dot I want and used the discount code provided by Talktalk successfully.  I did it one a laptop not my phone.  (This probably made no difference)  I had to ignore the link given by Talktalk and search for the Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug package directly.  I then selected the package in the colour I wanted from the search results.  I now have a Glacier white Dot and smart plug on their way instead of the Charcoal Grey version baked it to the link provided in the Talktalk documentation.


I hope this helps others.