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Email Requesting Return Equipment (or Incur £50 fine;)

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Received new router last Thursday, 22nd April.

On recognising that it offered improved connection, and less drop out, I returned previous equipment same day.

Surprised therefore to receive email today telling me Talktalk need receive the router before 8-5-'21 or I will be subject to £50 charge.

Post office issued a receipt when I submitted the package last Thursday.

Checked barcode and according to that, my previous router was delivered back 0n 24th April.

Does it take 4 days to register its arrival, or for some reason has this delivered not been ascribed to my account?

I did reply to the email but received reply stating Talktalk are unable to respond using that channel or something.

Barcode number for tracking, if someone wishes to check is DA537991925GB

Other details I have on the receipt from post office are building number *removed for security*

Hope this now can be checked and verified?

Bit tedious to be chased up for equipment that I returned so long ago, when it's down - really - to Talktalk's ineptness on logging their returns.


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👍 - Thanks


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Hi @nicky62


Thanks for flagging this, we are working on this.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

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Case by case on the public forum I've escalated threads for attention, @nicky62, but I also have a behind the scenes thread. The whole thing is being raised now, so let's hope that moving it up a level brings results soon.


Too many customers have already been burdened with this unnecessary hassle.... !

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Ah, thank you Gliwmaeden2 - is there a separate thread relating to this.

As I made the post, the suggestions seemed to put it into account and billing but having placed it here, haven't seen any relating to same.

Await to hear verbatim from Talktalk themselves confirming they have this - aware posting the barcode detail may cause them inconvenience with copycats(?); but if they are going to inconvenience me, so I shall return the favour ; )



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I have been beating a drum about this for the past couple of months, @nicky62.


I keep reporting cases to @StephenF, but so far they appear to be dealing with it on a case by case basis, rather than trying to get to the bottom of it.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Yes, I know I tracked it myself yesterday so am aware it is back with Talktalk

My question remains, why I have received email from Talktalk requesting for it back by 8th May, surely they cross check their records before sending out emails informing you of fees which will be incurred in event of non return?

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Tracking no. DA537991925GB

Your item was delivered on 24-04-2021.

Service used:

Royal Mail Tracked Returns 48™


Updated on: Saturday 24 April
  1. 06:30am
    Delivered by Home Counties North MC
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Thanks Divsec

Hope so, don't relish thought of calling ; )

Keep well : )


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Hi @nicky62 couldn't agree more the team here will get it sorted for you

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.