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Emergency Re-homing of TalkTalk Customer

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Not sure which section is best to post in so gone for this one in the first instance.


My elderly parents are a TalkTalk customer for phone/broadband (Faster Fibre 65, accounts in my mothers name) and have just recently re contracted as part of the latest pricing changes. Last Wednesday (07/07) they suffered storm flash flooding at their home for the first time ever, which rendered their rented old folks bungalow uninhabitable, with most of their belongings ruined. Their landlord (local housing agency) have re housed them into a flat within nearby sheltered accommodation as an initial emergency step, although this may become permanent beyond the storm damage repairs.


Both are in their late 70’s with serious health conditions, which has resulted in them shielding at home for the last 18 months and so rely on the broadband service, particularly for home delivery services and shopping. The works to the flood damaged property is going to take at least 12 weeks (best estimations). Due to the trauma experienced and future risk there’s no desire to return to the original property if avoidable, with no absolute certainty as to whether they will remain at the new flat permanently or be further re housed down the line, and so yesterday I helped instigate a home move transfer of service (incl phone number) with my mother via her TalkTalk account to get them back online. Disconnection of the existing service is scheduled for 19 July, with the new service connection being 23 July (assuming all goes to plan) as the earliest dates, with the normal £60 fee waived.


The main question is if they have to move again in the relative short term (after 12 weeks) to what should become their new permanent residence, is the same home move transfer of service repeated and how would this affect their contract in terms of continuation and cost? They are happy to remain a TalkTalk customer if circumstances allow.

Under the circumstances didn’t want to try and discuss/explain with one of the offshore call centres with their 'communication issues'.


If an OCE can advise on this please. If you need any other information then please PM me and can advise as needed (parents not registered for the forum and couldn’t fathom it anyway).


Thanks, FloJo65


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk


Thanks for clarifying. Will see how the coming weeks and any further re housing unfolds, but seems straightforward.




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Hi @FloJo65


Sorry to read of the problems you parents have had. 


When they move again you can follow the exact same process as you have already done via the homemove team, there is an option to remain on the same contract end date this will generate a fee, or they can start a new contract and the fee is waived. 


Hope that helps.