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Empty promise from TalkTalk Better Value Team

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Hello all,

Just thought this should be brought to attention of TalkTalk Community members given the frustration and wasted time trying to remain a loyal customer.

I am certain numerous TalkTalk customers now feel let down following "Your terms and conditions are changing" email sent out recently advising annual price increase come in to effect April next year.

Possibly this is related to Covid pandemic and seems ridiculous because telecoms companies surely have benefited from the demand on services, yet now they decide to fleece to fleece the customer.

Having been a loyal customer since 2006 have not thought about changing provider but the impending annual price increase made me shop around and actually placed order for better package with another provider at lower cost. TalkTalk were quick to email and recommended I call the Better Value Team to discuss further and give them opportunity to establish whether a better deal may entice you to remain a customer. Well of course a very decent package was offered and duly accepted, however all very much downhill thereafter and sceptically wonder if the package was too attractive because upgrade order has been completely messed up and getting nowhere anytime soon.  Resolution seems to be not forthcoming because there have been at least three escalations raised and promises of call back to no avail. After hours spent on pointless webchats now close to giving up hope and placing another order with this other provider. TalkTalk either through lack of resources or deliberately seem to be preventing the upgrade of my broadband and telephone package and not seemingly competent enough to reprocess the promised order makes me wonder whether it is actually worth all the bother (perhaps this is what they want). Anyway, the gist of this is I am not getting what was promised in writing and sick and tired of pathetic service that is falling way short of reasonable expectations ALTHOUGH latest bill due to inconvenience has been waived!



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Hi Jo

Thank you for email and apologies for delay in my response.

I just wanted to ensure the service has improved and happy to report broadband download and upload speeds are now slightly faster.

It was just unfortunate it took raising of a complaint and a bit of time in order to have the new package order reprocessed and in place.

Best regards 




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Hi BiGD01,


Apologies for the delay.


I believe this has now been resolved, please let us know if you need any further help. 





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Hello OCE_Arne

Further to last message believe I have completed verification you require.

Best regards




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Hello OCE_Arne

Thank you for responding to my message left on forum regarding problems with the upgrade order. I have no idea what PM means or where this is located.

Best regards



Support Team
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Hi @BiGD01


Sorry that you are having problems. 


If you would like me to help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community.