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End of contract next month big price jump this month

Whizz Kid
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I was on an 18 month £18.95 with a free unlimited phone boost  standard broadband but getting confused now about my options. It does not end until next month but my latest bill is for £27.26. I understand that I pay a month in advance so if I arrange a new contract between now and the end of the current one next month am I right in thinking that I will be refunded the difference (so long as the new one is cheaper ).

Also I am confused about my current free £5 inclusive call boost as my renewal says any boosts will be carried forward.  



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I used online chat (loyalty team ) and the first offering was this. From the transcript.


I would recommend the Faster Fibre Package plus TalkTalk TV which is usually £40.00 however, as a valued customer to TalkTalk I will discount this to £23.95 per month.

The package set up fee is normally £60 however, as a loyal customer this will be given to you absolutely free of charge.

The award winning and top of the range Wifi Hub costs £120 will be provided to you free of charge with your Fibre upgrade. This is a total saving of £180 for the set up and wifi hub.

The deal is Faster Fibre Plus TalkTalk TV at £23.95 ( TalkTalk promotion right now, Fibre only cost £23.50) the Unlimited UK call discounted 50% at £5.00, this offer will include a Free Wifi Hub Router that normally cost £120.00 and a free TV box normally costing £25.00


Total is £28.95 for 18 months.


I told them I did not want the tv but was currently on phone boost for free, here is their reply



I will advise you that the Unlimited Uk calls is no longer available for free, and I have given you the best discount at £5.00.

If you don't want the TV, the price for the Fibre and for the Unlimited UK calls will be £28.50, as you can see it only cost £0.45 for the TV and if you take the TV option you will get a TV box TalkTalk Tv plus for free.


Luckily thanks to @ferguson  I was able to tell them about the current offer 24m fibre /18m free phone boost and they wanted to know the link so they could verify with their manager ?. I sent the link and they gave me the deal, but both at 18monts which I preferred rather than running out of phone boost for 6 months.

So don't trust that the "loyalty team" will necessarily offer the best deal for you.   

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Ahhh - cookies - yes. I will give that a go tomorrow. Thanks.   


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It is offered to new customers currently directly on their website. If you clear cookies and cache and/or use a different browser you should see it for yourself.


Do bear in mind though that offers do change. Also, do check whether your line is capable of supporting the fastest speeds if that's the way you are thinking of going.

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Thats great I like the sound of that deal but where do I find that offer so I can point the online chat person to reference them the deal they should be matching.


Just looked back in my email and 2 months ago I received an email offering

Faster Fibre is just £23.50 a month for 18 months

Fibre’s up to 3x faster – with a min. guaranteed download speed of 32Mb/s and typical speeds between 36Mb/s and 37Mb/s. Plus, you’ll get our award-winning Wi‑Fi Hub (worth £120) at no extra cost.

BuT I did nothing with it as it was a long way off end of contract and it was  one click activation ( talktalk experience has taught me to belt and braces double check any "offers" )

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I have just had a quick look and TalkTalk are currently advertising the following fibre deals for new customers:


Up to 38Mb at £22.45 a month, or up to 76Mb at £24.95, both fixed for a 24 month contract.


In addition , both packages come with an offer of free Anytime Calls, but that only extends to 18 months.


As TalkTalk say they are prepared to match new customer offers for existing customers I suggest you can use these as a minimum benchmark. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Just the usual contact phone number, or Live Chat and ask for the loyalty team, click Help & Support at the top of the page and then scroll down. Like you I prefer Live Chat for the reason that one can keep a record.



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This is what is always so frustrating with talktalk. THANK GOD for this forum.

So my current boost is £5  ( free phone boost ). It was a compare the mearkat offer 18 months ago.


Is this right ---- As that free boost is ending then my latest bill reflects that fact  AND also that the fact that the same boost is now £7 ish so my current £27.26 bill still assumes that I am wanting the phone boost that is now £7.

It would be a lot easier if talktalk sent a break down of the new end of contract costs as I havent got a clue where £27.26 came from.

How do I get to loyalty team directly please


Also any advice as to what format to contact them with. In the past I have used online chat as that gives a record of what was offered. 


Community Star
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I think you are essentially correct about the way your bill has been worked out and any renewal of contract with a reduction in price would be reflected by adjustments in a future bill.


It gets a bit more complicated with Boosts. These are non-contractual which is why any online renewal will simply say that they will be carried forward. Once any discounts have expired then your Boosts will revert to the full price. So the 18 month discount on your Boost price will end.


Your best bet is to contact the customer loyalty team directly, either via the usual phone number, or using Live Chat and see if you can negotiate a deal going forwards which covers both your broadband package and Boosts. Hope that makes sense!