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Extra Charges - Fibre Speed Boost and TalkTalk TV

First Timer
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When I received last months bill, I noticed my monthly charge had gone up considerably.  I looked at the breakdown of my bill, and noticed I was being charged suddenly without our consent or knowledge for three extra 'boosts'.
Clicking on the extras, I managed to be able to removed the 'Supersafe boost' but there were no options for the others, however when I went on to manage boosts, it stated I don't have any boosts. So I assumed they would removed with the supersafe boost next month. 

This months bill has arrived with both Fibre speed boost at £5 a month and TalkTalk TV boost at £4 a month.  I would really like these removed as I have previously said I knew nothing about any extra charges, certainly didn't request them or consent to having my bill increase by nearly 50%.


Support Team
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Hi AnnoyedUser22


Sorry that you are unhappy


Your minimum term contract has ended and with that any discounts will have expired also meaning you price will have increased. 


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720046 or 03451725157


The will be able to see what options are available to reduce your price. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


Community Star
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Can you check back on previous bills, @AnnoyedUser22. Did they use to be ticked, but free, so you wouldn't have noticed their existence if included free in the deal?


These may have simply expired.


Otherwise, it's very odd indeed!


The TV boost and Speed Boost can only be removed by contacting support on 03451 720046 or 03451 720088 or using Chat:


If the Speedboost is removed, your speed may well drop a bit. Ordinary Faster Fibre is the equivalent of the newer Fibre35; with speedboost, it was the equivalent of Fibre65. 


Check also when your contract expires - you will need to renew on one of these newer packages when that happens.  

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.