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I am an existing Talktalk customer.  I recently upgraded my contract to Fibre 65.  The offer included an Amazon Echo Dot - but no mention of it when I did sign up.  Am I entitled to this?  Also, more importantly, the 'Small print' information stated that the price of an 18 month contract is £25 / month - I have checked my updated contract details and they state the charge is £29.95 / month for the 18 month duration.  A serious discrepancy.  Also the blurb stated that 'for a small charge' I would get unlimited UK calls ... this turns out to be £14 / month - not a small charge when it's almost 50% of the broadband charge.  

Whilst I am complaining (legitimately and fairly) I spent too long looking for a messaging service on the Talktalk web site or a link to a chat service - couldn't find it.  An unhappy customer!!


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Did you send the details through to Arne as requested?


There are all sorts of one-off charges from Talktalk these days, if you search under "pricing". Usually when an order is pending nothing can be changed, so you always have to wait a bit for a charge to be credited back.


Staff won't be back on here before Monday. I'll re-escalate this thread to be sure it is in the workflow. 


Best just to leave this for Arne to sort out, as using multiple channels of contact may create more tangles, @snappergeoff.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi - I have had a chat with a Talktalk rep. and they offered me an 18 month contract at £25 / month, which is what was stated on the web site for  a Fibre 65 18 month contract.  However, to aggravate the situation, without telling me, Talktalk have charged me a £30 'Contract admin fee'.  As they did not tell me about this and there is no mention of this (as far as I can see) in the T&C, I again had a chat to ask that this £30 charge be taken off my account.  The rep said they couldn't do this now, only when I've paid the amount in my next bill.  The charge is unacceptable as the change was a correction not an amendment.  I need to get this matter sorted!!  Any suggestions / help would be appreciated.  


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Hi @snappergeoff


I can investigate I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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I used My Account to upgrade.  Thought that would be the quickest / easiest way.  The upgrade process did working quickly and there were no problems.  The information on My Account was updated shortly afterwards.  A confirmation e-mail has still to arrive!!  It was  afterwards I noticed the discrepancy between the information given for my chosen package and the information given in the 'Fibre 65' small print drop down list where it states the lower rate of £25 / month for an 18 month contract.  Also the Amazon Echo offer appeared on the offers for My Account but did not appear after that --  I expected that if the inducement to sign up for a new contract was an Amazon Echo I would be receiving one.

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By what means did you upgrade i.e. via My Account, or by contacting customer services directly? Either way your new package costs should not come as a surprise, details should be provided at every point of the order process. 


This has been flagged up to the support team here and they will of course investigate this for you.