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Father passed away and spending cap reached.

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my father has passed away and my mother has been speaking to yourselves regarding what to do next. 

there are a couple of issues that have arisen from this but the main one is that a spending cap has been reached and we are unable to make outgoing calls, not great given we have a funeral to arrange and affairs to sort out. 

can someone please let me know how I can get this resolved. More than happy to make an interim payment but seriously can’t be bothered dealing with a call centre that end a call advising my father has passed away with have a nice day. 



Support Team
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Hi @tonyh70


Sorry for your loss.  


The anytime calls boost would be a better option. 


Can I just confirm that the landline number in your profile is the account in question? 


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There is a monthly allowance on all accounts with a maximum of £100, subject to that you can check and change the limit via My Account here:


It may be more cost effective to pay for the Anytime Calls Boost, to which you only need commit for one month at a time:




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@tonyh70  if I remember correctly the level of the cap can be changed online in the account settings.


It may be worth your while adding the Unlimited UK Calls Boost, it is often offered at a discount and there is no long term commitment even though the discount may be for a set period.


If you go for that, do remember each call must not go over 60 minutes, just hang up and redial if you need to continue the conversation.


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Thank you ferguson,


I have access to the online account and have made a payment in the interim to allow mum to get access to the internet and make calls. 
Also spoken with the bereavement team and they have put the account in the name if the Executers (of which I am one).

I could just do with getting the cap removed to give some peace of mind that services won’t be restricted again. 
thanks again


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I am sorry to hear about your loss.


Do you have access to the online My Account? If so a payment can be made that way. Or if you otherwise know the account details and amount owed you can make an automated payment by phone, click on "Other ways to pay" here.


Is the account in your late father's name? If so you can arrange for a change of ownership, have you spoken to the bereavement team about this? 


The support team will advise further when they pick this up.