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Fibre 35 price increase of £2.50 only 4 monthd into fixed 24 month contract

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Have been Talktalk loyal customer for probably 25 years.

Aware of £2 increase to commence 1st March 21 for customers EXCEPT FOR FIBRE 35 and fibre 65 customers .

renewed my contract 24 February for £23.50, fibre 35 as faster fibre retired like me ...looks stupid now cos could have taken 18 month contract for £22 and would have now been less expensive with the price increase!!! 

My account showed wording as "fixed" until few days ago, luckily kept my screenshot from February, also web chat, with Andile from 24 February, where I triple checked the fixed f actor! 

am older vulnerable customer now, and when asked, I requested that I get my Welcome pack by post because that is easier for me to see, this didn't happen, so I physically would have had problems with any small print.

The £2 increase in March was well publicised, so I renewed early to avoid and to future proof myself for what I thought was fixed price until February 2023, so trying to save money gave Talk Talk £23.50 instead of the £19.95!! How foolish was i, and now so angry and upset!!

I HAVE tried ringing about 5 or 6 different Talktalk numbers, get the cheery male voice asking me to input my telephone number and to say in a few words what my call concerns, we will put you through to the team, then crackling and am then informed.....YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED! Have got this message 31 times so far....

I really don't need this.

How is one supposed to discuss it negotiate a fair solution, I don't understand how others on the forum have done this? I don't feel ,maybe I am wrong, that I would Trust a web chat deal again....more comfortable to speak to UK based person.

BT are offering an essentials package for £15 for people in my demographic/illness but even if I wanted to leave Talktalk after my long association, I couldn't get through on the phone, and the #concern# email address has also been discontinued. 

Can any of the OCEs help please, Michelle,karl, Arne.

I would like to stay loyal, but you aren't making it easy.

Thank you



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Thanks for the update, I'm glad you got it sorted,   I have fedback the non callback from our loyalty team to our management i'm sorry that they let you down. 


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my thanks to all contributors and community members and Arne for their advice and support.

I eventually got through on the phone.....loyalty never did ring me, but I spoke to an extremely helpful and empathetic lady called Ellie....she patiently answered my concerns and questions.

long story short, got new contract, slightly more but have fixed price plus, so hope/think I know exactly what I will pay each month until 2023.....unless of course Talktalk tinker with contracts/small print again.

so hope I won't revisit this until next contract, have been a customer since Car Phone warehouse days, originally only landline, don't think internet had kicked off!!

thanks to all, Sandra

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@sandradee, at this stage, it might be just as well to make the call yourself. It is essential that you tell them that it is because of the increase in fees.


Chat can't do loyalty issues these days.


The phone agent may be able to add a credit to cover the difference in fees, if you don't want the complications of setting up a new contract, let alone leaving. If you do set up a whole new contract, within your 30 day notification period, they must waive any admin fees. Get them to confirm that. 


The phone lines had a problem earlier in the month with the "your call cannot be completed" message going on. There may well be a long wait on the phone still, but it is free from your landline and you should be able to get through eventually. 


Post back here if you manage to resolve this, or otherwise wait for Arne to reach this thread again to reply if you still need help. 


Each time we post, we delay the progress of the thread in the workflow. Keep an eye out for Arne's response anyway. 


If you do get through on the phone, make a note of the details, time you you called and the agent's name etc.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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If you already have a bill that includes the increase it is too late to stop that amount being taken by Direct Debit as bills cannot be amended once produced.


Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account on the date advised in the bill.


You can call the loyalty team yourself on 0345 172 0046.


Opening hours are in the link below.


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Arne, as you know, the promised call for 2nd JULY didn't happen, and you were escalating on 7 July for me.

now the 14 July, still no movement.

urgent now,Talk Talk will take money next week. 

as someone else posted, how on earth do you speak to a human in Talktalk...

please advise SOONEST what you have managed to arrange for me.

Thanks, Sandra 🤷 🤷


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Thanks, really fed up getting nowhere fast.

Even tried emailing Tristia Harrison, but unsurprisingly, not even a courtesy reply...... A fine example to her staff......NOT!!

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I'll re-escalate this thread for you, @sandradee. Very disappointing that they have not phoned.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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In spite of intervention by kind OCE  Arne, LOYALTY team were to ring me Friday 2 july....are escalated Wed 7 july......

is now Tuesday 13 July and LOYALTY haven't ring me.

this is urgent now as Talktalk increasing my fixed contract charge next week!


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Hi Arne, regret to advise, now 20.11 Friday 2 July, and no call from loyalty team😒


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HI @sandradee


I have requested the loyalty team call you tomorrow (2nd July) on your mobile. 


Let us know how it goes. 


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Arne, did reply to your email this morning, but just noticed it is a no reply one! Will repeat my reply in case you didn't receive.

Anytime but Thursday morning, mobile preferred but landline ok if not, don't want to publish my ends in 903, thanks


Support Team
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HI sandradee


Sorry that you are having problems. 


I can arrange for a call to be made to you so you can discuss this with our loyalty team. 


Is there a preferred time to call you ie morning / afternoon and  would you prefer on the landline or mobile? 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused