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Fibre 35 price increase

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Found out recently that my package (fibre 35) will soon be rising to £26 per month. This seems rather unfair as newcomers can get this service for £23 per month or get fibre 65 for £25 per month - less than I will be paying for a service half the speed?

Have tried to contact loyalty team to discuss this, but due to problems in South Africa etc, this service seems to be non-existant. 

I have been informed by email that I can cancel my contract free of charge before 25th July, but would rather get this sorted with talktalk. 


Anybody know how?


Support Team
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Hi graydays 


Thanks for your post


Sorry that you are unhappy with our decision to raise prices, we suggest calling our loyalty team on on 03451720046

to re-negotiate a deal, which is what a lot of customers have done and got better prices. 


Staff are slowly returning to work in South Africa so the lines will become more available. 




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@Happyhouse14 and @graydays, you absolutely do have to persevere with the phone helplines - it's a terrible nuisance that they seem to have problems with a Centre at the moment, but it's the only way.


03451 720046 opens again at 9am.


It closes at 6pm on Saturdays,  and doesn't open on Sundays. 


Open 9am till 7pm Monday to Friday. 


If you leave, you must ring to tell them it's because of the price rises.


Or haggle a bit, and see if they off you something better to keep you. 


Very tiresome and time-consuming!


The alternative is to just do nothing. 


Forum staff can't sort out cancelling/new contracts and nor is Chat allowed to these days.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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 I have exactly the same issue, and no idea what to do, been on the phone for an hour today and the same earlier in the week. Seems to me Talktalk is imploding!