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Fibre 65 Bundle - unlimited calls not showing

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Hi there. Under my offers I signed up to fibre 65 bundle for £29.95 which included unlimited calls (I have screenshots of all info). However it then seemed to be applying a £14 extra charge for the unlimited calls and £4 for Talk Talk TV. I removed the Unlimited call addon given the new bundle comes with it for free but am worried that this has not been added to my account now. I also want to remove the £4 Talk Talk TV charge as I don't use in any way and use other streaming devices. Please help. (Can't get through to anyone at present due to situation with call centres which I am fully understanding of and hope all people involved are keeping safe).


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Oh OK I see what has happened because you removed the unlimited calls boost manually the discount that makes it free was stopped, I will fix this.

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Hi there. I would dispute this statement given the bundle package details clearly confirmed it included unlimited UK calls.

Then it was trying to charge £14 for the unlimited call top up. I assumed this was an error based on similar community support comments so removed it on the assumption that on the go live date the 'as advertised' unlimited call bundle would be applied.
Please honour the terms of the package I selected. I have full screen shots to show what was included in the package and if not honoured then this is false advertising.
Many thanks.

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Hi @Twelvetree12 


Just to clarify that if you do not add the unlimited calls boost you will be charged for calls unless you are calling other TalkTalk customers. It is on offer at the moment at £7 per month


I can remove the TV charge  I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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You must complete your community forum profile details, @Twelvetree12, so that staff can check your account as soon as they reach your thread. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch Profile Wizard. 


Staff only work Monday to Friday, so if this is not answered today, it will be next week before you hear back. 


It's best to hold tight and not post further till you get a response, as each post delays the progress of your thread moving forward in the automated queue for attention. 


Please look out for their reply. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I've checked this morning and fibre 65 is live but unlimited calls has been removed and is not showing ( when was clearly part of the offer I selected ). Also not clear how I benefit from the Amazon freebies that were offered.

Strangely even though I have moved from fibre 35 to fibre 65 I am seeing no speed increase and am getting just 28mbps Vs advertised average 67mbps. There is lots of issues for Talk Talk to sort here and hopefully this will get picked up soon as still no real way to get through to live chat or contact centres at present. 😔


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Yes I believe so as the bundle price is £4 more than the standard fibre 65 offering. I just clicked on the renew option and followed it through accordingly. Thanks. I'll pick up with them at the weekend if nothing heard.

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So did you go for "fixed price plus", @Twelvetree12 ?


That seems to be @£4.00 more anyway.


If TV is on there, staff can remove it for you, usually once it goes live.


If they don't pick this up on Friday, look for a reply from them after the weekend. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.