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Fibre 65/TalkTalk TV

Whizz Kid
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Hi. My contract expires shortly and I'm trying to renew my contract with the Fibre65 package. When I click on renew and go to the confirm order page, it automatically adds TalkTalk TV at a cost of £4 a month, but it doesn't give me an option to deselect it.


I believe there is a one month minimum commitment to TalkTalk TV and it's an optional extra, so why has it been added to my order?


I don't currently use, or subscribe to TalkTalk TV, and it isn't on my current package and I have no wish to use it. If I renew my contract with TalkTalk TV added, will I be able to remove this option afterwards? Thank you.

I'm a drummer in a very well known band, I'm also a world class racing driver and crazy golf world champion 7 years in a row.

Support Team
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Hi WaRRioR1976,


I can see that ferguson has answered this for you, apologies for any inconvenience





Community Star
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It is an annoying feature of online renewals that the TV fee is added automatically. To avoid this contact the customer loyalty team to renew directly, or after placing the order and they can remove the charge for you.