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Fibre 65 upgrade

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I recently upgraded my contract to Fibre 65. My max speed I had before was 29Mbps and it didn't change after upgrade. I tried to resolve problem and I was informed that it is maximum speed that I can get on my line. I do not understand why I was offered upgrade to Fibre 65 if its not avaliable for me. Anyway, I trined to cancel this offer since I can't get promised speed and I have 20 days to do so. I was informed that I can't go back to my old offer because it is "legacy" offer and it is stated in Terms and Conditions. I tried to find this "Terms and Conditions" document and in document that I have found I can't find information about mentoned legacy thing. My contract should end in 5 months and now I was forced to get 12 months contract. Is there anyone who can explain me where I can find information about that I can't go back to my old contract if it is legacy offer? I never received email with offer description after I received upgrade.
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Hi Pskora90


Your line is currently in sync at 31mb.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so I can check the predicted speed range for your line.






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This has been flagged to the support team here for you, give them a couple of days or so to respond and they will advise further. 

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Thanks for response.

I called them and they offered me Fibre 35 - 12 month contract. They said that my old contract will end in 5 months and they can not offer me anything for that short period of time. I will try to phone them again.
Do you know if I can cancel talktalk offer if I'm not happy with this 12months contract? I will need pay fees if its less than 20 days since I upgraded? I wanted to get faster broadband not longer contract, since I can't get what I wanted I'm planning to switch to another supplier that somehow can get me 3x that speed.

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They may not be able to revert you to the exact same package, but they can certainly move you to the nearest current one to it which is Fibre 35 and restore your previous contract end date. Call 0345 172 0046, make sure you ask specifically for the customer loyalty team when asked why you are calling and explain the situation to them. Let us know how you get on.