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Final Bill issue

First Timer
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   I left talk talk at the end of my contract being 3rd August 2021 looks like I was disconnected on the 2nd but now talk talk have sent me bill for upcoming month ? and as your billing is in advance this can’t be right as Iam no longer a talk talk customer. I understand there may a small bill if there was any overlap ? and if there is I’ll be happy to pay that. I would appreciate it If this can be looked at and sorted out please



Support Team
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Hi viking1007


Sorry that you have left. 


There will be another bill which will contain a refund of the overcharges after you have left, you will be able to request a refund via My Account. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


Community Star
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If you didn't switch to another Openreach serviced ISP, @viking1007, you would be billed for a full month, as Talktalk requires 30 days' notice. 


It depends on precisely when you cancelled, what your billing date was etc.


Even with a switch to eg BT, the full month would be billed first and then any excess credited back on the next bill.


The final bill will then be after that and show as £0.00.


Leave your Direct Debit in place until it is all sorted out. You can claim any refunds through My Account, with those same banking details still in place,  whereas, if you stop it, you would have to be sent a cheque. 


Please look out for a reply from forum staff, Monday to Friday. It can take a few days on this board. They work from oldest to newest posts and there is a queue for attention. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.