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Hi, I have asked repeatedly for a final bill which I'm yet to receive. I only switched to Now Broadband on 16th of May after TalkTalk put up my bill which I questioned on chat with someone as I was sure I was in a fixed 18 month contract with 6 months to run. They said oh you won't be charged the email is sent to everyone. Low and behold I was charged in my next bill. So I went on chat again and was told sorry you will be charged. Anyway I thought no thanks I'll leave. Happy to pay what I owe but my bill didn't have any credit from when my Internet was not connecting over Easter for 6 days. I'd reported on the website and was assured on chat I would be compensated. I sent back my router along with Mt previous router as well and have checked the tracking to see its been received. I requested an extension to pay said bill I believed was incorrect which I'm due to pay on the 26th of May. I just want a final bill which I was told may be about £65 which is fine. About £10 ish for each month still in contract. But I'm not paying a penny until I see the compensation credited. Like posts I have looked at l I can see is the mistrust people have for TalkTalk and I completely agree. After signing up to Now Broadband TalkTalk phoned me to say we will do it for £20 per month rather than £23.50 +inflation they were trying to charge. But what made me laugh the most was the man said we'll make it a fixed contract for 18 months. I thought that's exactly what I was told when I signed up 12 months ago. Honestly you can't trust anything TalkTalk say. 1 person on chat will say something. Someone ina call centre something else. The beauty of the world today is there's lots of competition and switching is easy. All I want is a correct final bill and I will pay. Until I get it I won't pay anything and will refuse to pay any £12.50 charge I continue to be threatened with and £50 if I don't return my router. My argument is I have paid in advance for easter so why should I wait 30 days for a credit for those days I had no Internet. Regardless of that it's long been 30 days and I can't even access my bills now. If TalkTalk stuck to what they said I wouldn't be leaving but having said that I will greatful to have an end to this and any business I have with them. The ombudsman should stop these practices of saying about fixed price contracts. Honestly I think I shouldn't have to pay TalkTalk anything else. They broke the contract in my eyes. I will pay what I owe just because I can't deal with the stress to argue my case but I won't pay more than I owe no way. And because I've asked repeatedly for a final bill and the compensation but have neither, I will not pay any late fees. You only have yourselves to blame TalkTalk for losing a customer, who has been for over 10 years in total at different addresses. You don't deserve the repeat custom or loyalty so I will pay you and feel glad I never need to deal with you again.


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Hi delboy41


The final bill will be produced on the 28.06.22




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So in that bill it did not include the cancellation fee.




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Hi, I got and paid that bill when I realised the goodwill gesture was made. I'm now just waiting on my final bill (cancellation of contract) which was due to end in October.






Oh by the way the fault wasn't fully resolved until the 20th, it came & went again on the Tuesday 19th but was only fully working again on the 20th.


Support Team
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Hi @delboy41


Thanks for your post.


Your fault is not eligible for auto compensation as the fault was fixed within Openreaches service level agreement of 72 hours (1st weekend of the fault is no taken into account) explain below:


Raised 14th Thursday
15th Friday (within SLA
16TH Saturday ( Exempt 1st weekend)
17th Sunday  ( Exempt 1st weekend)
18th Monday (Within SLA)
19th Tuesday Resolved 

Obviously I appreciate that the fault happened at a very unfortunate time, so A gesture of goodwill will be applied to the current balance, but as you have cancelled the direct debit we cannot stop admin fees,  Your bill is being produced in a few days which will include a cancellation fee also. Once the bill is produced I can clear the admin fee on this occasion.


Post back when you get your bill. 





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@delboy41  to check if you were actually entitled to receive compensation for your outage, read this article.


Click on "total loss of service faults" to see how the timeline works.


Suggest you get your account up to date and argue the toss later.


Your online account will remain active for 12 months after your leaving date, TT do not suspend access immediately you leave.


PS. If you post that much again, please use some paragraphs and line breaks, it's difficult to read.



Community Star
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You won't get a final bill until you have settled your latest one, any adjustments arising from the switch to another provider will only occur after that date.