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Final Demand!

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Last year I posted on another forum how happy I was with TalkTalk, having had no trouble with the service. Someone from TT replied to that post, thanking me. Since then, I've had nothing but trouble of the worst kind from TT. The latest outrage is a letter headed, in red, Final Demand!!

It is for £12 for unpaid Mobile fees. Having no idea what this was about I telephoned TT and after I'd explained the problem to a foreign (incomprehensible) person I was kept waiting for over ten minutes while somebody strummed a guitar! I gave up and made an online payment to (hopefully) prevent having " a default notice filed against your name with credit reference agencies"!!

TalkTalk gave me no previous warning of this supposed(??) debt, and suddenly started threatening me with Court proceedings.

Clearly, TT have adopted a policy of antagonising previously satisfied customers and living down to their reputation as the worst service available.

My advice is, if you want to avoid TT making your life unpleasant....don't praise them publicly. They'll make sure you regret it.


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OK, if the billing relates to that then as I said the support team here cannot help. Were you not made aware that the free service would become chargeable? Did you not receive any bills before this "final demand?" All I can suggest is that you contact the mobile team directly, or click on the Complaints Code link at the bottom of the page if you want to pursue the matter further. 


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I'm not, for a moment, expecting any satisfactory answer to my complaint from within this Community. I had hoped that someone from TT would read this and proffer an apology and an assurance that my name will not be vilified via credit reference agencies.

To answer your question, yes, we did previously have a free Essentials SIM. (thanks, for your interest)


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If this is a TalkTalk mobile billing issue then I am afraid the team here have no access to that. Did you previously have a free Essentials SIM?