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Fixed Price Plus

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It is not clear to me what the advantage is of the "Fixed Price Plus" add-on to a new account.


It says the price of your contract (not including boosts, etc.) does not rise for the duration of your contract, but that is already a given with the contract, as far as I can tell. When I select an 18 month package it tells me "Price fixed for 18 month contract", meaning there would be no price rises for the duration of the 18 months.


It also says "No out of contract price rise - once your contract ends we'll never increase your price over the annual rate of inflation". I assume this means that if my 18 month contract is £24/month for 18 months, that from month 19 onwards this will be only £24/month + inflation. But I am not told what the price would be if I don't add the "Fixed Price Plus" add-on, so it is not possible to determine whether the £3 extra/month will be worth it (that comes to a total of £54 extra for 18 months).


Furthermore, when I select the "Fixed Price Plus" add-on, the contract details change from this:


18 month contract
Price fixed for 18 month contract


to this:


18 month contract
Fixed Price Plus
Minimum term 18 months


But it is unclear to me what the "Minimum term 18 months" here means, since I'm told I can't break the contract without a penalty before the 18 months are up, even without the "Fixed Price Plus" add-on.




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If you do not opt for Fixed Price Plus then when your contract ends you will revert to standard undiscounted pricing. Current prices can be found in the link below, these are of course subject to change.