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Free Upgrade to Fibre 65

Team Player
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Last week I received an email indicating I was being sent a new router for a so called free fibre upgrade from standard copper broadband.


I wasn’t interested in an upgrade as my contact runs out next March and I intend to leave when that comes around.


I cancelled the delivery of the router via Yodel and they arranged to return it to the sender and I informed a Twitter agent of what I had done and was told that all my comments had been added to My Account for future reference.


This morning I get a letter saying another router is on its way so I’m wondering what’s going on here.


Let me make it plain that I’m not interested in a free fibre upgrade and I want to stay with my current connection until my contract runs out in March after which I’ll leave you.


I hope that as you’ve activated a fibre connection without my permission that you aren’t going to cease my copper connection before my contract is up.


By upgrading me, or trying to, it seems to me you’ve broken my twelve month contact so if I left now rather than wait till March would anything happen?


it seems to me that something underhanded is going on and I want to to sort this out once and for all because if I get cut off you and your MD won’t hear the last of it.


Please confirm what’s going on with my line and contract.


Thank you, Colin.




Support Team
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Hi @colin1951uk


Im sorry that you are unhappy with us. 


If you do not want to transfer to Fibre, that's fine if another router turns up simply return it. The fibre upgrade makes no change to your contract status, you are not put into a new contract, no price change either they only difference would be you connection speed would increase, but In march if you choose to leave of course you can do so. 


Sorry again. 


Community Star
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@colin1951uk, it often takes many days to get a response on this board as it is manned by fewer staff, and not full time.


Currently there are posts going back c a week to catch up on, and the usual procedure is to work from oldest to newest. I'd give them a bit more time to reply. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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No response I see, but thanks to the two members who did.


Unfortunately I deleted the original email when the router was back on its way to TalkTalk but I seem to remember something about nothing changing till my contracts up. However the letter I received yesterday just says to connect the second router as soon as received to continue receiving a service. Nothing about the contract at all.


I see nothing in My Account either about a free upgrade.


Anyway nothing changes in that I’m off to BT and their Social Tariff come March as it’s much cheaper than anything TalkTalk offer and being a pensioner money very much talks at the moment.


I just don’t want things messed up by changing to fibre with only three months to go.


I’ll give em another day to respond after which I’ll email the MD for some answers.


Thanks to you two for chipping in….Colin




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TalkTalk are offering free upgrades from ADSL to FTTC as part of the gradual movement away from the copper network. As far as I am aware this will be without obligation and will have no effect on your existing contract, was that not made clear in the email? 


This has been flagged up to the support team here for you and they will respond as soon as they can. 


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Fibre65 still uses copper, @colin1951uk.


It's only fibre to the cabinet. 


Check that the end date and price has not changed at all.


If that's the case, they could be said to simply be "maintaining your service" and nothing's changed contractually. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.