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Future Fibee upgrade and April bill

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I was offered a free upgrade to Future Fibre which was completed on 7th April when engineers came out and did the install.


I rang the Future Fibre team who told me it was free and told me that the engineer would do a survey and if I wasn't happy I could say no, but if I was ok with it then they'd arrange a second appointment to get everything installed. This wasn't what happened and the engineers were ready to install on 7th. I agreed but had to call the owner of the downstairs property as they'd be running cables underneath their garden so had to get permission.


I wasn't told what package I was being upgraded to, so I went into chat after the installation was completed and was transferred to the Future Fibre team. They confirmed I'm on Future Fibre 65. I was advised I would be paying £23.50 for my new upgraded service.


My account didn't update and my recent bill is now over £28 (I'm assuming this is my old price with CPI). I went into chat yesterday and was again transferred to the Future Fibre team. I explained what happened and what I was told but the £23.50 probably wouldn't be reflected until my next bill. They said they would request this bill to be "compensated" but I want to make sure my account is correct and my future bills are reflective of the £23.50 price I was promised.


Can someone please raise this to be looked into?




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@RosaDavidson, the reply was to the original poster. 


If you have an issue yourself, please start your own thread. 


You need to return to the message board and click on start a topic. 


Also complete your community forum profile details for staff to identify your account. Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi elainejappy


Did you get a confirmation email about the price being £23.50?


The current bill looks correct at £28.91 which the old price £26.50 + Price rise (£2.42) there is no indication on the account that your price was being changed.


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A correction can't be made to a current bill (as printed) - what usually happens is a credit is applied if a mistake was actually made, which you would find in the Transaction History area of My Account. 


You can leave it there, to cover part of your next bill, or claim it back to your own bank account. 


If there's not been a mistake, sometimes there are funny figures when there's been a change in a package and then the next month's bill shows the balance sorted anyway.


So it would then take a further month to get to whatever your regular amount is supposed to be. 


Check also that any boosts you are being charged for are at the correct amount.


I can't see how the April CPI +3.7% (i.e 9.1%) increase on £23.50 could bring the bill to £28.00, and you would have been notified about precisely what that was probably in March. Check previous emails,  @elainejappy. It can't therefore just be the April price rise. 


Unfortunately the billing aspect of Future Fibre seems to take them quite a while to both set up and sort out, @elainejappy.


Over the next few days, your only contact with Talktalk will be via phone / Chat support as staff are not on here at weekends and there's a Bank Holiday. 


Your thread is in the queue for attention. I hope they can resolve this for you quickly, but, in general, staff are still pointing Future Fibre issues back to the FF team that you have already spoken to. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.