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Hard search needs to be removed from credit file

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I have been given poor advice by TalkTalk customer services when I called to renew my contract, I asked them to match the offer with USwitch which they were unable to do over the phone so advised me to go via USwitch and once complete call back so the account could be migrated. 


However once I started this process I realised it was applying for a new account and my current email account with TalkTalk the application could not continue.


So calls talktalk back and gets offered a new deal on fibre 150, all done great.


However I have just discovered that the application via USwitch I was advised to carry out has resulted in a hard search on my credit file affecting my credit rating, as the advice was incorrect and already being a customer of TalkTalk for 10 years with no debts there should be no requirement for a hard credit search to renew.


I would like TalkTalk to rectify this for me asap as i am still in the 30 day renewal period and will be leaving if this is not put right or at least pointed in the right direction as to how this is put right.


TalkTalk CS were adament at the time of renewel that this was the best way to get a lower price but no mention of it affecting my credit rating.


I look forward to getting response to this matter as this will affect me going forward with other credit applications.


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Hi johnnybegood 


The link to TalkTalk's Complaints Code is in the footer of these Community pages. 


It's nothing to worry about in my opinion.  I think it'll be difficult to persuade the credit reference agencies to remove a genuine search.  But overall I cannot see that a home broadband service paid on time every time will diminish your credit level by much and, as I said, will be seen as an asset to your credit worthiness.


For better advice than I can give here see Citizens Advice.

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Yes I understand that but I was renewing my contract with TT, they would not normally do a hard search on renewal, they only did a hard search due to the bad advice I was given to apply for a new account. There was no need for this to happen, they could also do a soft search but why they do hard searches is beyond me, we are not taking £30k car here or mortgages but less than £30 a month BB contract. Being a customer 10 years with absolutely no debts with TT or any other company I am disappointed with TT, their CS department totally mis advised me and as a result my credit file is affected​. There must be some recourse as this may make it more difficult for me to obtain finance in future as a result. I just need to understand who and where I send a letter of complaint about this to get resolved.


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I have to agree with @Gondola , by applying for a contract any company has every right to carry out the appropriate checks.

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Hi johnnybegood 


TalkTalk Terms and Conditions Section 2 does indicate that ordering services from TalkTalk may result in a credit check.  i.e. TalkTalk reserve the right to carry out a credit check as part of their order process.


It'll be the same if you switch provider.


If you feel the information on your credit reference file(s) is actually wrong then the recourse is to contact the credit reference agency.


I doubt that the credit check will be seen by others as cause for concern. Quite the reverse as provision of a home broadband service on a fixed term basis is usually considered part of a stable personal situation and would give others confidence to offer you credit.


Just my personal take but I don't know your total circumstances.

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