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Has evening and weekend free calls dissapeared?

Chat Champion

Hello I am now being charged for evening and weekend calls. Has something changed?????
Calls ive made at weekends and after 7 pm at night are being charged why ???

Insightful One
Have you recently changed your package to one of the new fixed price versions ?
If so, all calls are chargeable.
Problem Solver

If you are still on a legacy package which includes evening and weekend calls, then that should continue. The new fixed price plans do not include any calls but presumably you would know if you had changed your package, you shouldn't just be switched over without your knowledge or consent.


Community Team

Hi trying2


Thanks for your post.


Your plan was changed to fast broadband in November last year,  I can see that the anytime boost was taken off  when you spoke to  our customer service teams. 


As there is no calls package on your account, all calls will be chargeable. You can re-add the Calls Boost via My Account.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Wizz Kid

My contract was nearing its termination date and I decided to stay with TalkTalk. The new contract was negotiated via online chat which was satisfactory except that at no point was I told that my Anytime UK calls boost would terminate. Consequently I had to go back to online chat to add it. I am pleased to say that my first bill under the new contract was correct and that the Value Line Rental I had paid for last September was shown as a credit. So overall I would give a mark of 8 out of 10. I would endorse the recommendation to use online chat. It is much better than trying to understand what the customer service people are saying on the phone.

First Timer

I changed to the new supertfast broadband package offered and then cancelled the all day calls boost. I know i made a few mistakes calling out of time but this month's bill was high. Chatted to operative at TT and was told there is no alternative to the all day boost - just free to other TT customers. So I've gone bach to all day boost

First Timer

I wasn't aware at the time of changing that there would no longer be free weekend and eves calls. Anyway, chat has now told me, after a painful bill, and am back on all day. Can't see why there is even the option to opt out of that boost.