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Help with final bill process

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 I phoned to cancel my talk talk broadband on 12th April and got confirmation email same day.    Switch off date was set for 30 days and there were no early termination charges due to a price increase which I was notified about in March.

sure enough service turned off 11th May or at least router stopped working that morning.


I returned the router and cables by tracked post 12th May and these were delivered according to Royal Mail.


I didn’t hear anything else so I phoned over weekend to see why I hadn’t had a final bill only to be told I would be billed for a full month starting 15th May.  This would then be refunded in June.


my direct debit is still in place for the final payment and refund


BUT I have no sight of the final bill since I cancelled nor it seems can I login into my account any more even after resetting password


my question is what happens when your service is switched off ?   Can you not login afterwards ?


im also a little worried that as I moved out of my

flat  - if the new tenant started their broadband order with whatever provider,  could they have mistakenly taken over my account therefore delaying my final bill or something?


im completely non plussed As to final billing process or to understand what charges may or may not be due.




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Hi pdm531


There is no pending charges for equipment, if anything does appear then post here and we can deal with it. 




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Cheque has arrived this morning having been redirected so that’s all sorted


guess I’ll probably be back at some point to get my £50 refund for equipment sorted


anyway so far so good. Thanks


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Still not sorted - getting beyond comical now....I got an email 1st June saying my refund request was rejected because a refund request was already being done.

So I decided to wait a bit - checked today and my transaction history shows a cheque refund 1st June (same day as email).    I've chatted to a live chat advisor who says it wasnt a cheque after all it was a bank transfer.

either way, so far no cheque or credit direct to my bank account.....

I just dont understand why its this hard....   Its not likely to make me become a repeat customer in the future.

Also despite me having a proof of postage for my equipment return which was posted 11/5 AND the post office showing the reference as being delivered on 13th May I am being told (again by live chat) that it isnt marked anywhere as being received...

Please tell me I haven't got to go through a whole new bunch of messages in a couple of months to get a £50 "you havent returned your equipment", "oh yes I have", "oh no you havent" discussion - I've got proof of delivery !!!!

Absolutely at my wits end with what should be a simple account closure.  

Thanks @Arne-TalkTalk for any light you can shed on this.


Edited to add - if it was a cheque it should have been redirected to me via Royal Mail even if you sent it to my previous address...




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@Arne-TalkTalk   Great thanks I saw that earlier and have requested one so hopefully

that will be matter sorted.   Thanks


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Hi @pdm531


Your final bill has been produced today (28th)  and is available to view in My Account now. You will be able to request a refund of any overpayments. 




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Bump please