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Home move made impossible by Talktalk.

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I phoned TalkTalk over a month and a half ago that I was moving home and I was assured that they would make my home move as easy as possible without any pressures or stresses on me.......

That is an understatement and incorrectly published on their website it is a lie and should not be there!!!!!!!!


They had completely messed up my order on three occasions and then cancelled my existing contract and told me I had to set up a new contract none of this was done by email it only occurred when I rang them to find out what was happening!!!!


I have no mobile signal where I live so have to drive a mile down the road to talk to someone within TalkTalk which is always impossible and costs a fortune. 

The lies every person I speak to from TalkTalk is unbelievable I say they are lies because every person tells me something completely different to the last, it's like they all work for different companies with a new promise they cant keep....


They told me I had to set up a new contract completely which I did.

The email they sent me regarding the contract completely contradicted what we have spoken about on the phone because they had increased the price on the email!!!

To top it all the GO LIVE date was yesterday 21st of September 2020.... it has still not gone live today even though it says that it has on my account!!!!!!

And to go one better when you call the landline number they have allocated me on the new contract somebody else answers, therefore this line is already in use by somebody else!!!!


TalkTalk sort this out!!!!!!

I am at my wits end trying to work from home which has now been made Impossible by TalkTalk because of the promises they have made but have not delivered. I work for the emergency services and it is impossible for anyone to contact me because of TalkTalks complete messup of the promised connection.

If this is not resolved I will be cancelling everything and look to move to BT or Plusnet where the service I believe is far superior to what you can offer which is NOTHING.


If possible could someone contact me but not on the landline you have given me because you have allocated this to somebody else the only way you can contact me is via this forum.

I will check my emails tomorrow as I have to walk a mile away from where I live to get phone signal




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Hi Polly18


Really sorry that the fault went on as long as it did. 


There will be a credit applied to your account for the delay in resolving this. 


Sorry again. 




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The issue was caused by talktalk but it only got resolved because I have had to push this and contact liars on the support desk numerous times!!

I told talktalk it was your fault and it was.

The openreach engineer was astounded on how this has been handled.

Then you decided to increase the bill for something I haven't had!!!!!

Your service or LACK of it has been absolutely SHOCKING!!!!!!!!





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Hi Polly18


the issue has been passed to Openreach hopefully they will find the issue at the exchange. 


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Also tried 2 different phones!!


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This is the BT openreach master socket..... NO other sockets in the house.

I have followed the guide from BT website and talktalk website regarding use of master socket test port.



PLEASE GET THIS SORTED ASAP. If you need to send an engineer then do so at YOUR cost because there is no dial tone at the master socket and according to BT it is an exchange or cable fault outside of the property.


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Hi Polly18


All test show you are connected , is there another socket in the property? 

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Where are talktalk customer service in fact where is the service.

Its been 3 weeks since talktalk PROMISED my service would be up and running and it is NOT

WHY does my account say the service is active when it is NOT ACTIVE.

There is not even a dial tone!!!!! and yes I am plugged into the test port of the master socket....... NOTHING!!!!



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Still no connection!!!...........What's happening Talktalk. 


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Hello Arne,

I have added the new account number to my profile.

I also have an account which Talktalk closed from the old address instead of moving it to new house.

The line in my new property is still NOT active and the telephone number you have allocated seems to be in use by someone else...



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Sorry that you are unhappy. 


Can you add either your old landline number, or the account number to your community profile i cant locate an account with a mobile number


We can look into this then. 


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Staff catch up from oldest to newest posts,  @Polly18.


Posting again pushes your thread further back in the queue. It's best not to post further till you get a reply. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Still no telephone or broadband connection and no reply from Talktalk!!!


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Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully I will get a reply but I really want a resolution to the problems TalkTalk have created.

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Staff only reply through the forum, @Polly18 .


Wait for them to pick this up. Put as many details as possible in your community forum profile. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; where the drop down menu starting "email" shows,  choose Personal Information. Save changes. 


They will reply during business hours Monday-Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.