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How can this be right?

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Hi Folks


I came home, after being away, to find out that my Bill has gone up to £46.00 a month from £32.00 Broadband 35mpbs and phone line with anytime calls and no TV.


I understand that I am out of contract now and after being with TalkTalk for about 10 years that is some loyalty bonus isn't it.


I also received this offer Total cost for a 12month contract

Broadband membership: Speed 53mb/s - 72Mb/s
Anytime calls  included Monthly Total: £22.00

TV membership:To Pay Today: £5.99

Order Total Broadband membership:

Monthly Total: £27.99

How can this be right to increase cost like this to very loyal customers

If all else fails, then read the instructions.

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@Dobbin15 wrote:

I suppose the main thing to take from it to have your mail redirected to the Hospital when you have to or it will cost you money.


I don't see what having mail redirected to a hospital has to do with it.


I would say the best idea would be firstly to try to remember when your contract is due to end.  If you are unable to do that then you can have a look at the "My Package" detail page in your My Account as your contract end date is always displayed there (if you are in contract), or perhaps read your monthly bills each one of which lists every element of your package including what discounts you are getting and the date they are due to end. There's no reason why it should come as a surprise when your contract and/or discounts end.



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Hi Folks,


Many thanks for your comments and advice. I suppose the main thing to take from it to have your mail redirected to the Hospital when you have to or it will cost you money.


I will try some of the suggestions.


Have as good a day as you can

If all else fails, then read the instructions.

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@Dobbin15  If you have been with TT for 10 years, then you will have known on at least 4 occasions what happens when your contract runs out !


It's just like any other utility or insurance, you put a reminder in your diary, physical or electronic, for XX days before the expiry date and once that comes around it's time to do some homework.


You should know you don't get rewarded for inaction.


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You will have been sent a notification from Talktalk around two weeks before the end of your contract. You would have received an email entitled "An update on your broadband contract".


That outlines general options, but if you kept track whenever you renewed last, or checked the details of the bills that you are notified about every month, the end of your contract should have come as no surprise, @Dobbin15.


You can renew any time in the final 90 days and haggle for a good deal, just by phoning up.


If you had left early, however, there would have been early termination fees.


Talktalk has to allow every customer the chance to choose to leave, without charging those fees, but all discounts expire at that stage. Out of contract, you pay the full headline price. 


Outside of contract there are no penalties to leave, of course, just a 30 day notice period required, or until another Openreach provider takes over the line.


That's the only way to keep all options open for customers to make their own choice.


Check what other ISPs are providing and Talktalk's own offers to new and existing customers and phone up to try to get the best deal.


It very often works out!


03451 720046 after 9am. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It doesn't matter how long you've been with TalkTalk, when you're out of contract you pay the full monthly price.


Personally, I wouldn't renew online - I've seen a few topics on here where customers have found the system doesn't always work correctly, adding in TV charge whether you want it or not, charging extra for calls boost which is meant to be included etc.


I suggest you give the Loyalty Team a call on 0345 172 0046 to discuss what package and options you want and negotiate a deal. (I would also recommend that you say "loyalty team" when asked why you are calling to get you straight through to the correct department).