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Huge bill!

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My bill is £14 more than it was last month and the only extra I have is £0.14 from my landline. Why have I been asked for this amount? I am unable to work and live on a very tight budget and with Christmas so close I could have bought 2 gifts with this money? emoticon.sadtears.title


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Hi @Alicat58


Understand your points, as Matrswain has advised the discount end date is always available in your bill, which produce every month. Usually when signing up/ renewing the discount end date is the same as the contract end date. 


Live chat will be ideal for you us the link on our contact us page


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You can always see when a discount ends by looking at your itemised bill in your online account, just use the drop down arrows to expand the information.


TT have never advised of the end of discounts, but the information will have been in the email you received when they were agreed, just set a reminder in Google Reminders or such a service.


If you do jump ship to Virgin, even if they can take over your phone number, you still have to give 30 days notice to cancel your TT service, it is not automatically done when you transfer over to a "proper fibre" provider.


I have found the best way to get a deal is to use Live Chat, it'll be there in text which you can save in case of any dispute.


Be aware, that if you agree a new deal, the confirmation email DOES NOT state the prices agreed, you will only see those in the first bill after the change along with the end date for any discounts.


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Why did I receive absolutely no notification that I had offers aboout to expire? There is no way I can keep an eye on my contracts if there are no emails or some kind of communication that I am nearing the end but am just charged an extra £14 on my bill!
I made a telephone call to the loyalty team at around 6.30pm and was told that if I called back in 2-3 hours they could negotiate a new deal for me. I couldn't understand why the person I was talking to could not go through this with me, I called after 3 hour but was told the department was shut so I have to try clling again in the morning.
I have been a TalkTalk customer for 13 years, live on benefits because of a disability and I depend on being reminded about contracts coming to an end. It is shocking that I have been sent this huge bill at a time of year when every penny counts, not just with Christmas but also with day to day budgeting.
I just hope that when I speak to someone tomorrow I will be abe to split the cost of this bill over a couple of months, or let me pay what I have been paying throughout this contract  which again I am very angry that I was not informed they were about to end and I could have negotiated a cost or move to Virgin who have just installed cables into the estate I live in.
Loyalty seems to have been lost and I have persevered with TalkTalk wnen they have gone through some tough times and I am bitterly disappointed.
You MUST start telling clients when their contracts are about to end and not cash in on people's ignorance or they will simply change providers.
I also dread calling Customer services as I am far from being racist but Indians seem to have difficulty with my Scottish accent and conversations are very difficult.
I guess I now have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if I can come to some agreement or Virgin will be get another customer. I have enough stress in my life without this happening!  

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Hi Alicat58


Your Free TV starter boost discount,  and your £7 Package promotion has ended this month. 


I would advise contacting our loyalty team to renegotiate another discount. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.  


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Your bill is fully itemised, so just expand and compare your last two bills.

Has a discounted contract period just expired ?