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I Have cancelled My Direct Debit

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I have given notice to TalkTalk to terminate my contract.

I've also cancelled my direct debit but I will still owe one months payment.

Can I pay my final bill over the phone with my debit card?


Thank you.


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Hi stewartrodgers


I have cleared this as promised. 






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Thank you. Much appreciated.




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No worries. I am sure he will get this sorted as soon as he picks it up.


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Thanks for merging ferguson.

I should have just replied to the original post.


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OK, topics merged, why did you not just update as Arne asked? 


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Hi ferguson,

this is the link....


It was Oce_Arne who kindly confirmed it.


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I cannot find your previous topic on this subject, could you post a link?


Otherwise of course the support team will help, but it may be a few days before you get a response in light of the backlog over the holiday period. It will be quicker if you contact customer services directly. 


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I left due to the £2 price increase within the required timescale.

I had already informed TT of this being the reason. Once via phone call, twice via chat and once on this forum.

I was assured, at all times, previous that emails I had received threatening early termination fees would be applied to my final bill were generated automatically and could be ignored. Also that I will not be charged these fees.

I  have two Chat communications saved and one confirmation from OCE in another thread here which can prove this.


Today I received my final bill. Guess what. I have been charged £109 termination fee.

Am, I surprised?



Could someone sort this out, please?


Many  thanks,



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Hi @stewartrodgers 


As before, I can take care of it if the charge is applied. 


Simply post back here. 

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Just for the record....

I've received yet another snailmail letter threatening the £116 early termination fee.

Automatic, I'm sure. Or hope so, anyway.

But this despite OCE_Arne very kindly (Thank you, OCE_Arne) putting a note on my account that I'm quitting because of the price increase and ought not to be charged this fee.


Why do I get the feeling this is going to end in a dispute? 🙂 


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Thank you very much for your help. I see on the TT forums that you are being very active and very helpful to many  customers. Your actions and efforts are to be applauded.


It's a shame the upper management can not be seen in this regard.



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Hi stewartrodgers


You can post here if the charge is applied and we can take care of it.  



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Thank you OCE_Arne,


It is indeed solely as a result of what I perceive as being an unethically implemented price rise.


I have received today a letter in the post from TalkTalk stating they want an early termination fee of £116.70.

Automatic issue, I'm sure. However it doesn't fill me with confidence that TalkTalk will not make the same "automatic" error when taking the final sum.


Is there a department of TalkTalk which needs to be notified of this?


Thank you for your assistance,




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Hi @stewartrodgers 


Sorry that you have decided to leave. 


I have added a note to your account to advise that the decision to  leave is due to Price Rise.  


If the charge is applied, please post back and we will take care of it. 



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On second thoughts I reckon a few of you are right about cancelling my direct debit being a mistake.

I've re-instated my direct debit for the final payment.

I just hope TT don't mess it up and charge me the early termination fee in error.

I don't want to be chasing them up to correct any such "oversight".



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@stewartrodgers wrote:


I deliberately cancelled my direct debit in case they make any "errors or admin" foul up when taking my final payment.


Personally, I think that was a mistake.

If they do make some kind of error on your final bill (as @ferguson says, you will not have received it yet), then you are no better off - If you didn't get things resolved by the due payment date you would still have to pay any disputed amount or else risk missed payment charges etc. being added. Also, if you are due a refund at the end of it all, it would have been much easier to get it refunded straight to your bank account with the DD instruction still in place.

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OK. Well, you don't know how much you will actually owe them yet, that will depend on your switching date to your new provider. I am assuming you are switching of course, if not then your service will simply terminate at the end of the notice period and you will be charged up until then.


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I made TT aware that I'm leaving because of their unethical price rise tactics.


They have confirmed, on this forum on another thread, the termination fees will not apply.

I just owe them one months payment. (Due to be paid 1 week from now).


I deliberately cancelled my direct debit in case they make any "errors or admin" foul up when taking my final payment.




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No worries. You did tell them that you are leaving because of the price rise and want fees waived, rather than just terminate your contract?