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I cannot access My Account

First Timer
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I have been trying to access My Account, but am not 100% sure that I ever set one up.


When I enter my email address I get an error saying ‘Your email address is not recognised. Check you have typed it correctly or you may need to register your TalkTalk details to gain access to My Account.

When I try registering using my account number, I receive a message saying ‘It looks like you're already registered with TalkTalk. Please try to login. to your account or reset your password.


Basically I am stuck in a loop!


I wonder if there is some error in your backend systems, and whether you are able to fully de-register me from My Account, so that I can then try again to re-register?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Support Team
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HI @AlfieSalter


Can you try and re-register for My account, you seems to have 2 different email address's associated to your account which will cause the problem you are seeing. 


You cannot use a address to register, please use a non TalkTalk address.