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I’m shaking with rage

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I’ve just been on the phone to a talk talk agent for 40 minutes, he was the most awful person I’ve ever spoken too. 

he goaded me throughout the call and made me so angry! He was the most unprofessional person I’ve ever spoken too. 


by the way, if you think you can change my contract via your renewal portal mid term and charge me £30 for doing so - you can go and take a long run of a short pier, because that’s never going to happen. 

he kept telling me to wrong information about my renewal date - my renewal date is TODAY (26th April 2022) - he kept saying it was the 25th March, he eventually caught up and realised his errors.

you’re not a communications company, I’m surprised you could even communicate with toddlers even that would be way too advance for yourselves. 

you’re NOT getting £30 out of me I can assure you that. 

consider this as official notice of cancelling my renewal within its 14 day period - you’ve lost a customer that was loyal for a long time, but wont accept your horrendous and terrible ways. 

even your complaints department don’t follow through on things they said they would do. 

called me when I told you not too (twice) - sent me conflicting information in responses.
never answered complaint points

hung up on me twice 


the list is endless. 

cancel my contract - I’ve gone elsewhere. 

there Is £10 credit on my account, deduct that from any broadband Ives used up until the date I exchange to my new one which is today .

as for your attempt to swindle me out of £30 - you can do all you like to try and get it from me. 

but I’ll go all to way to a small claims court for it, because your portal changed my contract and didn’t renew it when you sent me a RENEWAL email. 

just think about, who’s going to change their contract mid term with 30 days left and be charged £30 for the privilege and then you change it to a downgraded package only 3 days later. 

not once in any of my communication did I talk about changing my current contract. Have a word with yourselves. 



and I will be spreading the word to everyone I know, not to ever do business. 



as your agent insisted I read out my full name because , my forename and surname wasn’t enough.


funny how this place doesn’t let you tag the word complaint, 


heaven forbid should anyone know how awful you are


Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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Hi Xmrstew,


I'm really sorry this has been a frustrating experience.


As Arne mentioned, our complaints team will be in touch to address this with you further.






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I see that a member of the support team has replied on your other thread explaining that you need to pursue this with the complaints team. On that basis I think it would be remiss of me, or anyone else not from TalkTalk to comment any further. Any more comments you want to make please make them on that thread.


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please don’t gaslight me! 

im way beyond exasperated!! 

maybe me writing all the information above was just a waste of time…. 

or maybe posting this under the ‘billing’ section > help > support! 

isn’t a big enough clue for you?! 

i wanna talk about the fact you changed my contract mid term, when I wanted to make the change at the renewal.. 


you changed it mid-term, sent me nothing in writing, sent me no confirmation of any charges (that I never wanted) 


you’ve applied a £30 charge to my most recent Bill (hence posting under the billing section. 

m if you ain’t going to bother to read or listen to the calls, which I’ve already had. 

get someone from your complaints the department to contact me. 

the CMP number you sent me was 


CMP - 254515. 

where I’m still waiting for a copy of my renewal notice (the exact same one) to be sent to me via email (the one you sent on the 25th, where there was an offer that never existed…. But you included it on the renewal notice (error on your part) 


the original date you sent it was the 25th March 2022. 

i also want the portal that we included in that email, it was a link that took me to (what I thought was a renewal portal, hence sending me a renewal notice) - but it wasn’t - you made a change to policy mid term. 

i want that portal link that was attached to the renewal notice. 

so please have that sent to me. 

im not paying you £30. 

you can do all you want, but I’m telling you ….. you might have ‘legal’ ways of doing certain things. But not disclosing fees is absolutely criminal behaviour, especially when I wanted to renew and not mid-term. 

so let’s fight this out? Battle is on… 


id rather pay £35 for a small claims court just for the principle so I don’t pay you thieves. Because no judge in this land will agree that what you do is morally right. 

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I realise you are exasperated and I certainly don't want to add to that. But if you are now moving to another provider what is it you want from TalkTalk? In your other thread the message did say that they needed to speak to you to follow up your complaint, is that the conversation you have already had, or are you referring to something else? We are genuinely trying to understand here and help if we can. 


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OMG 😳 


what do you think I was doing on the phone for 40 minutes for yesterday? 

playing tiddlywinks? 

i came here because of the stupid text messages you sent me regarding the complaint point. 

im sick of reaching out to TALKTALK….. 


have someone call me…. Or email me


but make them professional 


and knowledgeable 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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@Xmrstew If you have arranged for another provider on the Openreach network to take over your service and keep your existing number then they should indeed contact TalkTalk to cancel on your behalf. Look out for any interim bills in the meantime, you will not get a final bill until after the switch has taken place. 


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Lol, cancel. 

I’ve gone elsewhere. The new company will sort that out. 

TalkTalk are a bunch of crooks. 

They’re incapable of even responding to complaint points.


i have complaint points outstanding on two previous complaints. 

The person that called me on the phone - when it specifically said in the e-mail (in the header) - ONLY RESPOND IN WRITING VIA E-MAIL… wouldn’t even tell me her name, she hung up on me, called me back, as soon as I asked for her name - she hung up on me again. 

So I asked for her name via email and no-one addressed, so I was never able to complain about the level of service she provided. 

I’ve since request all my data under the GDPR, I’m not allowing this company to treat people the way they do. It’s disgusting


They Have now closed both of those complaints with outstanding complaint points not answered.. 


This company do not employee professional call handlers, they get them off the street, give them the most minimal training (and wages no doubt) and breeze over issues that they don’t want to address. 

I’ve had people tell me that schemes don’t exist over the phone, when I’ve read there own literature to them over the phone via their own website, and still they tell me they’ve never heard of it… 


only for it to be followed up on email and be told it does exist. 

the incompetence of this company is laughable….. it’s all ok when they’re taking money month on month… but as soon as you contact them, that’s where the real problem lies. 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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@Xmrstew, I've escalated this one for you - you will get a reply, but the queuing system still applies. 


Just going to mention to staff that several of your earlier posts didn't make it into the workflow at all.


Not your fault, but staff would never have seen them.


It's a  serious problem with the software affecting this site, and I am not surprised that you feel very let down by it!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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That doesn’t not surprise me in the slightest… what a daft system 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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@Xmrstew, thanks for posting here - I need to remove the post you added to another customer's thread, as it will delay the progress of their topic in the queue. 


Staff will reply on here to you in due course. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.