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I think I've had enough

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This afternoon, I took part in a live chat to enquire as to when my contract expired.


I was informed that it was February 2019. As my Sky Sports special offer ends in aboiut 13 days time, I politely asked if it would be possible to negotiate a discount on my Sky Sports package if I renewed my contract.


Yes, i can help with that said the operator. Pleased with this, I waited a couple of minutes, only for the operator to come back and tell me that there are no Sky Sports offers.


Yes, I know, said (typed) I. I am merely asking if i could be offered a deal as my contract is coming to an end. It wasn't worth me asking was the effective response.


I then went on to my upgrades on my account to discover for the very first time, that as from February 2019, TalkTalk are charging me £4 for my TV service.


Wow, thought I, I've had no email, no phone call, no letter - I've had absolutely no notice of this whatsoever.


I bet the folks in The Community have something to say about this. So I looked at the Community posts, and can see nothing.


HOWEVER, what I do see is a couple of members (and good on them) have been contacted, one being offered Sky Sports for £8.50, and the other has clearly been offered a deal on Sky Sports, although the exact amount is unknown.


I have been a customer for around 12 years, and have been through several incredibly frustrating experiences, including being one of the customers wrongly charged £50 for an engineer visit which I never managed to get back (and I still really resent that btw)..


Now if I want to keep Sky Sports and my entertainment package, it seems that I must pay £45 a ,month for TV alone, when clearly other people are being offered Sky Sports for £8.50.


Thanks TalkTalk, I feel really valued emoticon.quiet.title


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Absolutely, martcaster.


I too have defended, and indeed sung the praises of TalkTalk to many people.


To prove your closing point, the day after making my post, I signed up with Sky.

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As I said in my post headed 'Final Demand'....TalkTalk seem hellbent on antagonizing their most loyal (and previously praising) customers. Why they have embarked on this policy baffles  me; I was in business for decades, and my biggest asset was my customer base....look after them and the money rolled in. About turn, now. *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* the customers off and watch the mass exit. Bye Bye

 TalkTalk, Bye Bye customers!