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I've been charged £9 for calls in error

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Hi there. After moving onto a new deal/package which came with unlimited UK calls I seem to have been charged and billed around £9.32 for national calls. There was a problem with talk talks renewal system which mean that the unlimited calls didn't get correctly applied. This was eventually sorted by Talk Talk support after a week or so. Given the error here was Talk Talks then I should not have to pay for the calls which should have been covered via my UK unlimited calls top-up. Please therefore provide a refund of this charge.


Many thanks.



Support Team
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Hi @Twelvetree12


A credit has been raised for the calls that where made when the calls boost was not added correctly. 


You can see it on the transaction history in My Account. 



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There may be further complications from the fact that you had removed the Anytime Calls boost when it wasn't applied for free (there's a minimum commitment of one month with these boosts), @Twelvetree12.


It was then reapplied. 


Previous thread:


Please wait for staff to reach your thread when they return after the weekend. There is rather a backlog in the billing section, so this could take several days. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.