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Incorrect Billing after change to Fibre150

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Hello all,

I think I know what the outcome of this is going to be, but, got to try to make sense of it all.


I had Fibre150 installed 28th March '22 . No problems now it is actually installed (with VOIP) and working a treat.. very good, very stable, no problems with it, so far !

The actual product is A Ok, my problems are with 'customer service' and  a billing 'error' which I fear may take some time to sort out  -- it seems that way reading other members contributions to the forum.


The actual installation date (28/03/22) was the THIRD attempt at getting it right .   The first date (14/02/22) was a no show from OR . The second date (24/03/22) somehow morphed into the third date.. just as well I checked my mails etc etc.


During all that time I was playing email ping pong with a Manager in the CEO's office .

It was he who arranged my new contract to replace the old fibre65 which ended 18/03/22, set up the arrangements for F150 and very kindly made a payment into my account to cover disruption and a misunderstanding Re installation charges.


I now find I have been charged two months running as though I am 'out of contract' on the fibre65 deal .   That is incorrect .  A new contract was negotiated with the Manager to pick up straight after the end of fibre65 .   

The payment credited to my account has already been gobbled up and I am having to pay towards my bill .

I did have a different Manager from the CEO's office call me to ask about the VOIP fitment and in the same conversation he said billing sometimes takes a bit to sort out "because it is a different company does it" ....  WHAT ???  That cannot be right !  Is that correct or was the guy throwing an old man a line ?


My billing is wrong . Yet again TalkTalk is causing me grief and concern.

I would appreciate someone helping to sort this out for me.. any takers.. please.

I have deliberatly not included any actual figures in this plea, I'm sure a TalkTalk representative will have access to that detail through official channels.

Thank you.


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Hi haggisinnewcastle,


I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your bill. Have sent you a PM requesting for further information, we'll then look into this for you.





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Hello Arne

thanks for your reply.. the TT billing system is very confusing - I wonder if it is deliberately so.

I *think* I have worked out how you have tried to explain it to me.. but still not impressed.


Today, 16/07, I rec'd the latest new bill email, which is dated 15/07 but never mind it taking 24Hrs to arrive, it is here....

guess what.. it is wrong .  Another incorrect bill from TT, quelle surprise !

Could you please look at the billing process and help me please, it needs to be correct.

The latest bill has over charged me by £5.

Please can you intervene and sort this out for me ASAP.  This is all getting very silly and your assistance would be appreciated.



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Hi haggisinnewcastle


On each of your previous bills a credit was raised against the bill 

March bill = 35.77 - credit applied £10.95 = £24.82
April bill  = 35.77 - credit applied £10.95 = £24.82
May bill  = 31.77 - credit applied £10.95 = £20.82
June bill = £31.00 - credit applied £5 = £26


So there are no further credits to be applied 




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Afternoon Arne

Did you have chance to look over the bills?





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Hi Arne good afternoon,

just a wee line to say notified today of next DD which is indeed the agreed amount as you promised it would be, thanks.

Can I enquire please, will there be an adjustment made soon to correct the last few over charged months?

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, much appreciated.



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Hi Arne,

I'll let everything go through this month.

That will mean a massive adjustment to action for the month after, then I sincerely hope it'll all be correct onwards.

Thanks again to you for your tolerance, understanding and help.  Much appreciated .



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Hi @haggisinnewcastle


The bill is automated there isn't one person deciding, 


So I will take care of the latest bill  from next month your bill will be at the price agreed months ago. 


Im aware that your Direct debit is due shortly so If the direct debit is taken you will be able to request a refund.





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Hello again Arne,  mail two of today....

you say billing will be correct after next bill.. does that mean the bill after the one which arrived today just after I wrote to you earlier.

The bill which arrived today (15th May to 14th June) is wildly incorrect.... things are getting worse !

Who calculates these bills.. do they get paid a wage for doing it ?  I would sack the blighters ! 

It is totally wrong.

MORE stress and financial hardship heaped on me just when I don't need it.

PLEASE do your best to correct the next bill for me, this is getting to be beyond a joke.......



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Hello Arne good morning,

thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

The package in 'My Account' has been showing fibre150 for a few days.

It will be good to have the financial side of it squared up.


I anticipate eagerly your further attention as mentioned below : 

"Once the fix is done I'll look into it."  -- 19/04/22.

Thanks once more for your perseverence.. and tolerance of an old customer..

Good result.




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Hi @haggisinnewcastle


Sorry for the delay.


Your account is now showing the correct package (fibre 150) your billing will be correct from your next bill. 



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I have re-escalated this for you @haggisinnewcastle.


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Hi Arne,  good afternoon.

Any progress to report please ?

Time is dragging on....




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Hi @haggis in newcastle


I will request an update and let you know. 


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Re-escalating this for you, @haggis in newcastle.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Arne,  good afternoon.

Any progress to report please ?

Time is dragging on....





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Hi Arne, 

I did!!!!

I was also promised a complain call back on Friday... Haha!!


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Hi enemyfire can you start your own topic about this and we can look into it 


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I can't help you but your not alone. I'm being charged after my upgraded even though the first three months should be free. I've was promised a call back yesterday from a manager but never got one. This was after months of hell with them over other things. I wish I'd left them.