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Incorrect charges to my account, a complaint made but resolution not carried out as agreed

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I recently upgraded to Fibre 150. At the point I upgraded the phone boost I had in place was removed without me being notified or me authorising it. As a consequence I incurred significant charges for calls that were previously uncharged until I recieved a notification that I was 50% through my allowance.


I followed this up and made a complaint.  As part of the resolution of the copmplaint it was agreed that the call charges incurred between the boost being removed and reinstated would be waived. I was  told this could be not be done at the point I made the complaint, as the bill had not yet been generated but would be removed at the point the bill was generated. I was also offered an additional £15 as a goodwill gesture.  I thought this had resolved the matter.


However, I have now recieved my bill for last month and while the £15 good will gesture has been included the charges for the calls have not been waived as agreed.  It is impossible to get through to anyone to get this sorted out and I am understandably very keen to get it resolved before the payment is taken by direct debit.   Does anyone know the best way to get this resolved?


Thanks in anticipation!


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Hi @SunnyDay


I can investigate, I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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Thanks @martswain Helpful to know. I'll hopefully hear from staff here to get this resolved



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If the bill has already been produced, the DD will be taken for the amount in the bill as they cannot be re-issued or amended.


Suggest you make sure funds are available.


The staff here will hopefully be able to sort out the refund of call charges but that will be reflected in your next bill.