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Increase to my monthly bill

First Timer
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I agreed to a package with a fixed monthly price of  £29.50. You have increased this to £31.50 part way through my contract with you which is not something that I agreed to at the outset.

I want my monthly payment changed back to £29.50 per month and refunded for the extra costs that I have incurred through you increasing my package.


Support Team
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Hi mrsmiggins0,


It’s never an easy decision to increase the prices of Fixed Price contracts. However, we’ve had no choice. Over the last year, we’ve seen overall broadband usage soar by 40% continue to rise each year. As a result we’ve had to invest heavily in our network and, alongside other providers such as BT, Virgin and Sky, we've had to raise our prices to keep up with the huge year on year increases we are seeing in customer demand.


Raising the price of your contract is within the T’s and C’s of your Plan, mentioning prices can vary on your “services, equipment, charges or agreement for legal, regulatory or business reasons”, and we believe the significant investment we’ve made is a business reason for doing so. However, as per our terms and conditions, you you are free to leave TalkTalk within 30 days of being notified with no exit fees.