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Increased Price - No Warning

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I contacted Talktalk chat yesterday to report an error in my bill but was informed my Fixed Price Plan was not actually fixed and my contract monthly fee was increased in April 2021.


I asked why I wasn't informed and was told I was emailed in March about it, however, I did not receive any email from Talktalk (and yes I've checked my spam folder). I've asked for evidence that this email exists by Talktalk simply forwarding the original email to me but was told that was impossible to do!


Quite frankly a £2 increase wouldn't be so bad if Talktalk hadn't claimed the contract is fixed and then hike it up midway, then send one email with apparently no follow up or reminders and then that one of their customer service reps would not acknowledge me when I tell them I didn't get the email just because their computer screen said otherwise does not sit well with me.


I was also texted to say I would be contacted today and nothing. Tried to use the chat again but didn't work. 24/7 service is another lie too then?


I've read online that the next offer is the Fixed Price Plus - maybe Talktalk should avoid using the word Fixed as I definitely don't trust they won't do the same.


I expect someone to contact me ASAP to resolve this issue.


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The email in question had subject heading "News about your service" and came from <>


What you've missed is this [edited, which I found to my amazement was possible when I forwarded it to myself! Not a very secure form of communication for something with important information]:



There's a huge number of comments on the forum (and coverage in wider media) from March onwards, as customers are understandably very upset, @kate1234.


There's nothing forum staff can do about this situation. They will just reiterate that it was necessary for the reasons outlined in that email that you cannot find....


You will have received regular monthly bills from Talktalk, which the company reasonably expects customers to read, so the issue could have been noticed and raised much nearer the time.


Talktalk ditched its flagship fixed price promise, and many customers did indeed feel very let down. Talktalk is allowed to do this by Ofcom, and it is applying clause 16 of its Ts&Cs (links at the foot of any TT page). Also check out clause 9, for future annual increases in excess of the CPI.


I think the best thing you can do is phone LOYALTY and try to haggle a better deal that will at least mitigate the price increase of £2.00/ month for the remainder of your contract. 


Many of us did this within the 30 day notification period, or took out new contracts, some of which were far better than people had previously been on - very much the luck of the draw, which agent you happened to get.


Take care to ask them to waive any admin charges if you do make any changes to your contract and are more than 90 days from the end of its minimum term.


They will be treating this all as a "goodwill gesture" as you are long past the 30 day notice period during which you could have left without penalty.


It's worth a try. Emails do go astray, after all.....


The phone number is 03451 720046, open 9am - 7pm weekdays, till 6pm Saturday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.