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First Timer
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Dear talk talk. My go live date is today .

I have moved with Talk Talk phone and broadband services. My old address was disconnected yesterday. My account / pending order says that the service is InFlight .. in preparation I have connected my landline phone and talk talk router , and what is misleading is the router is showing ALL green .. yet the phone line not in service.

how long will this take ..

how come all green is on the router but can’t use WiFi as I’ve tried .

Regular dude

Support Team
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Hi @PDizzle 


Did the service go live since your post?  it can be upto 24 hours before its live


Any problems let us know,

Community Star
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You are in the staff's queue for a response.
For a quicker reply can you please ensure you have your personal information up to date in your profile including your TalkTalk landline phone number or account number so your account can be traced. Link here -

Thank you

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