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Is there an International Max Call Boost Half Price Offer ?

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Hi all,

I added a half price International Max Call Boost at £6 per month earlier this year. On my latest bill, it looks like the price has reverted to £12 a month.I had no notification from TT  of the ending of the half price offer - it was presumably a 6 month offer -  should TT have contacted me to say the offer was ending??

I know I probably should have set a reminder myself, but life takes over!!

 I have just received my latest bill dated 14th October, and the charge is £12, presumably for advance charges for the boost until 14th November.

 If I cancel today, does the Boost end straightaway, and will I be credited for the unused weeks I will have to pay in advance? Will this credit then appear on my November bill?

 Does anyone know if the half price offer is still available?

 I would still like the boost if I can get it at half price, but cannot afford £12 a month.

 Is the best solution to cancel the boost, and then see if the half price offer appears?

 If I do this, how long does the cancellation take,and can I still call internationally free up to that point, and if I have to reinstate it, how long does it take to reinstate? 

 I sometimes need to call internationally at short notice, so would need to know exact time scales.

Sorry for all the questions, but money is tight at the moment!

Thanks in advance for your help 🙂


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@Fedup1232, it seems that Chat has now resumed dealing with renewals etc, so, as they have access to your account,  maybe ask them if they can do you a deal for the boost?


Take screenshots as you go..., though the conversation begins through a bot, and remains open for you to return to later.


The link is Chat Now on this page:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks @Gliwmaeden2  for the comprehensive reply.

I think I will just cancel the Boost now myself, as you say I will receive credit for the unused part of the Boost.

I can then add it back if I get offered a half price deal.

 I cannot face the thought of hours on the phone to TT, and the possibility of someone messing up the rest of my contract - I have been stung before!

Thanks again for the advice.

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There would have been a footnote in a notification email for your regular billing, @Fedup1232, alerting you to the fact that your bill would be going up. Check the past couple of billing emails. 


You could ring up and try to haggle another discount on the boost, but they are not open on Sundays. 


03451 720046 or 03451 720088 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday, till 6pm Saturdays. 


The discount simply isn't always available; you can but try.


They need to remove the boost to then reapply it at the new discounted price.


If you simply remove it, full price charges will apply immediately. 


The charge from this month is refunded pro-rata on your subsequent bill. 


If you re-add it, allow 48 hours for it to update, especially over a weekend. 


Minimum term is one month or you get charged a breakage fee. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.