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Is there anything to stop someone else in my house signing up as a new customer?

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So with these recent prices increases, I contacted TalkTalk today through online chat and telephone, and they don't seem to be interested at all in keeping me as a customer, and only tried to up-sell me packages that I have no use for and at a higher price.


I even quoted other companies that will do me the same speed for a lower price. No interest at all from them, so I told them I was switching.


Looking at new deals however, TalkTalk is still the cheapest through MoneySuperMarket with a voucher. I'm baffled as to why they aren't interested in keeping loyal customers but will have much better deals for new customers!


Is there anything stopping someone else in my house just signing up as a new customer if I cancel my current contract, which I've had 30 days to do?


Thanks for any help. I've actually had no problems with the service over the years, but this mid contact increase with no budging from their end is quite frankly disgraceful, considering their new customer offers! What a shame.


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It is sometimes worth calling again, as ferguson mentioned, if you have a deal in mind, then discuss that with the loyalty team I'm sure we will do what we can to keep customers. 


Hope that helps. 


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@PRPRPRPR You won't be able to cancel your account and sign up a new customer at the same address, at least not without a break in service. Even then, third-party voucher offers are generally aimed at customers switching from another provider.


If you have you been notified of a price increase yourself and your right to leave within 30 days then I am surprised that TalkTalk have been unable to offer you an improved deal. Call 0345 172 0046 and make sure you ask for the customer loyalty team, explain exactly the package that you want and remind them that you will consider switching otherwise. 


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You won't get a good offer to stay until talktalk actually get notified by another company. 


I took out a now broadband offer via quidco and once talktalk got notified of this I was contacted an offered fibre 150 with £100 account credit.


Prior to this I was offered nothing at all.