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Issue over billing

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I have just renewed my contract with talktalk.....


My ''old'' contract was not due to ''expire '' until the 18th of jan and had a monthly charge of £31.50. I checked ''MY ACCOUNT '' yesterday and noted that an invoice /charge had been created for period Jan/Feb of £41.92.

My ''new'' contract has a charge of £29.95

When I renewed at 12;15hrs today I was told that as the bill/charge had been raised on the 15th of Jan it was correct ( even though my contract was due to run until the 18th - and I was unable to renew last night due to ''issues'' withe the chat service ) 

The agent in the loyalty dept was adamant that my monthly charge could not be adjusted to credit for the ''over charge / out of contract '' fee for what is less than 24hrs.


In the previous years ( now almost twenty ) when I have renewed within the contract period and ''over charge / out of contract fee'' has been credited back to my account if it had been ;less than a week......


I think that this is very poor practice and again shows a lack of respect to loyal talk talk customers


The call centre agent was adamant it could not be adjusted as the bill had been produced on the 15th ......


I would like an OCE to look into this please as I feel that It is unfair and bad practice for me to be charged £10 extra....



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Thanks Arne...greatly appreciated 🙂
Surfing from The Independent Republic of Yorkshire

Support Team
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Hi moorlander


Thanks for your post


I have checked the account, and the £10.42 overcharge will be automatically credited back on your next bill. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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End of contract and billing dates don't necessarily coincide neatly.  They make up the retrospective usage bill plus forward line rental and broadband package a few days before we actually receive them in our inboxes, which is then up to a week before the Direct Debit date. 


While the occasional error is rectified by a refund (in transaction history) most of these misalignments from one contract to the next are sorted out on the subsequent bill.


That is partly why it takes up to a couple of months to reach a £0.00 bill when people leave. 


You just need to check in "my account" (when it is actually working) to track every item (open sections of the bill up to track details) and see what's going on. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.