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Joining talktalk

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I have an engineer booked to install my new router as we are joining talk talk. Unfortunately, both of us work so are unable to be at home during the week. We don't have anyone to be home for us either. On the talk talk website it says that engineers are available on Saturdays.. but on live chat I've been told they don't. Do I need an engineer.?? Can I install myself.?? If not we will have to cancel the order and stay with our current provider........any help would be appreciated..

Bruce Webber

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Hi @Bruce58


Welcome to the community. 


Are we taking your current number? I have checked against the number in your profile and there are no pending orders only cancelled orders. 


Have you decided to cancel?

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Thanks jaspertat,just spent 2.5 hours on chat trying to resolve it. Still no joy. Now I've to call back tomorrow..wondering if changing to talk talk was a wise move.?!!!!

Bruce Webber

Whizz Kid
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Hi Bruce, I can't help you with your question but I can give you a tip on dealing with the contradictory messages TT gives its customers. Record everything, chat sessions, phone calls, emails and any other communication with TT - it comes in useful.