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Just changing title after marriage, not name

Whizz Kid
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Recently got married.  (Yay, about time, we were getting far too old, it was now or never I think.)


My wife has taken my surname, mine hasn't changed -- only my title has changed, from Miss to Mrs.


The TalkTalk account is in my name.  Communication being sent from TalkTalk are being sent to "Miss" and, understably, I'd like to be wearing the title "Mrs", with pride, instead (hell, it cost us enough money!)


I've just done this with contents insurance, mobile phone contract, the credit reference agencies, etc all electronically with ease.; however, TalkTalk online chat said that in order to do this, I'd still have to send, *by post*, a completed TalkTalk paper name change form along with photocopies of the marriage certificate and other ID.


Are you being serious, TalkTalk?  Can you confirm that, even though you're an *Internet* Service Provider that you *won't* do this via the *Internet*, even *just* for a change of title, it *has* to be post?   How ridiculous is that!?


If you insist in such archiac approaches, people just won't bother updating your records (I certainly won't bother) and your records will simply just become incurate with time.


*Mrs* jewelie 😉



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Thank you. All sorted now. 🙂

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Thank you @ferguson. @Arne-TalkTalk is now on it. 🙂

Community Star
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First of all, congratulations!  


Second, there is no legal basis for any general social title i.e. Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs etc. unless it is intended to be used fraudulently. By the same token there is no need for any documentary evidence to change your title.


I have flagged this up to the OCE, hopefully they can apply common sense where customer services have been unable to.


Other than that, I wish you and your wife a long and happy marriage.  🙂