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Just started receiving invoices for Mail Plus 3 months after my account was fully closed...

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Mid September I had to terminate my contract with TalkTalk due to moving house and no similar service at my new location, all equipment returned, nil balance on final invoice confirmed, email account cleared and confirmed over the phone that no requirement for Mail Plus, assumed that my account was fully closed yet some 2 months after closing my account started to receive advance invoices for Mail plus for December and now January......... TalkTalk not actioning internal complaint, sat on Chat for an hour and no resolution, now complaining via Resolver plus have emailed Tristia Harrison today to get this resolved. Has the same happened to anyone else?


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Hi @rsmith1966


I can look into this I first need to confirm some security questions 


I have sent you a PM on the community



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This all seems a bit odd. Normally I would hope and expect that the support team here could unravel this for you, but as you have chosen to contact Tristia directly I think you will have to wait for one of her people to pick this up. 


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Hi Ferguson,


To confirm, when I spoke with the account team to confirm I was leaving, I was asked if I wanted Mail Plus where I confirmed that I definitely did not want/need that service, subsequently a few days later cleared my entire email account. Also, no advance invoice for September through October, the same October through November, then received the invoice for an unusual £5.16 however I do think its from TalkTalk on the basis its on the anniversary of me leaving, just started 2 months after I left......    


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Thanks @Gondola perhaps @rsmith1966 can clarify whether they are in fact subscribed to Mail Plus, the opening post reads to me as if not?


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Hi ferguson 


There is a current issue, noted in the Current Issues pinned post (Email Forum) of customers receiving unexpected MailPlus bills from TalkTalk for an amount of £7.92, or similar, for December. 


This issue has yet to be corrected. It wouldn't surprise me to see customers billed for January but this is the first customer report. 


Assuming the billing email is genuine, there are some scam emails that look similar, the unexpected bills can be removed from a customer account by Customer Service or will get corrected when the Billing teams return after the New Year Holiday.

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If you have lodged a formal complaint then the support team here are unable to intervene. 


@Gondola Have you come across this before?