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Lack of Service/Compensation delivered [Incident: 191228-000143]

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I was told I would receive compensation for 6 weeks lack of services from talktalk and paying 6 weeks for no service. I was told compensation would be offered within 30 days of my below complaint and further phone complaint. 30 days ends in 4 days time, I am not confident that talktalk are taking my complaint seriously, so I now must raise the level of my complaint and insist upon offer of compensation be sent to me very soon.


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Much appreciated Divsec thank you for your message + support. 👍😊


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Many thanks for your message + support  MrBloff, its much appreciated. I agree with you completely. 👍😎

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Hi @kimkeen 


I cant help you with your problem but i will say if you ever have to deal with talktalk you should always go through the online chat and keep copys of whats said.


I have lost count of the amount of times i was lied to or basically been called a liar by talktalk staff and i will now only deal with them through text so i have hard copys of whats gone on.


I recommend anyone and everyone who uses talktalk to do the same!


GL with your problem and i hope you get it all sorted.

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Well this is awkward as when I contacted talktalk agent (and as advised via, I was told compensation would be offered within a month of my call. I made call approx 1st of January (& at the latest), this means compensation is due 1st of February at the latest. I do not know where these strange figures you have came from, fault was fixed on 28th December. For what possible reason would claim time frame begin midway Jan as you stated?. I am sick and tired of agents making things up as they go along. When I was seeking help for fault to services I had agent tell me fault was reported 4 weeks after the true date it was reported. Agents seem to update my account records when they pls and inaccurately so. Follow up calls are not made as agents promise. I hope to receive further advice soon, as the lack of customer service is frustrating at best.

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Hi kimkeen


Thanks for your post. 


Auto compensation start on the date that the fault is closed, Your fault was closed 17th Jan so we have until the 17th Feb to calculate and contact you. 


You should receive an SMS/ Email before that date. 

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Hi @kimkeen your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day. Unfortunately you have have also answered your own question when you mentioned 4 days to go and subsequent subsequent phone call. Your case will be much stronger once the 30 days have passed. 

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