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Leaving TalkTalk due to no GFast

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I have taken the decision to leave TalkTalk due to the lack of GFast availability despite it being offered by every other provider that offers GFast based product.


I will be switching to Sky (Ultrafast 1 for £27 pm).


Do I need to formally notify TalkTalk that I am leaving or does Sky take care of that?  I am also mid-contract so I expect TalkTalk to send me a final bill which has my early termination fee, I have calculated this using £8.50 x remaining months (is this correct?)


What happens to my router, can I keep this considering I paid to upgrade to WiFi hub?


Sad to leave, I held out as long as I could, but GFast has been available to me for over a year with no sign TT offering it.




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...and I sincerely hope the team responsible for extending TalkTalk's enabled exchanges and for the FTTP roll-out are reading of your experience because if customers cannot get ultrafast from TalkTalk then there are other Communications Providers only too willing to take the customers. 


I've already had an email from Sky about ordering the Ultrafast FTTP service here but not a word from TalkTalk. Although to be fair, Sky have now withdrawn the email as their exchange upgrade is delayed. 


My exchange has been FTTP enabled for BT Retail and associated resellers since 2012.  Seven years I've been waiting on Openreach to open for business with realistic pricing for volume sales of ultrafast services! But it does now look promising.


Good luck with your new provider.

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My point was more the fact my line is G.Fast available and that TalkTalk will not supply it, because their G.Fast network is only limited to 10 areas (which hasn't been updated or new places added to)


Since Sky have started selling G.Fast, I have been able to place an order, which hence yesterday I did.  And my area is not a new G.Fast area, it has been since April 2018 at least.



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Hi jdx90 


You're welcome. 


I'm equally disappointed in the delays to delivering Ultrafast via the Openreach network. Particularly when the pricing agreement reached with Openreach in 2018 was intended to drive take up of FTTC including  But's 2% takeup clearly isn't as popular as full fibre FTTP's 22% takeup which is why Openreach are pushing FTTP.


The CEO said, more recently, on 15 Nov 2019 that TalkTalk were still pushing Openreach for viable prices for scale sales of FTTP - i.e. large scale discounts being sought. I also see that Openreach are now offering good incentives for take up of Ultrafast across its entire estate whereas they were previously holding back their Fibre First estate from more favourable discount terms. 

TalkTalk Product Mix would be FIBRE 40 / FIBRE 80 / G.Fast / FTTP 150 / 300 / FTTP 1Gb and to that will be added SOGEA in 2020 (broadband without voice service).

Openreach FTTP customer trials with TalkTalk are underway and FTTP would be ready for sale at the end of 2019.


So, I'm hopeful that 'Fibre for Everyone' will be a much more realistic objective from 2020.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi @Gondola 


I'm going to have to disagree with your statement with new places being added. I've been eagerly waiting since March 2018 for talktalk to enable my area. No new areas have been added since then. Snooze you loose I'm afraid for TT. 


Thank you for your answers on the other points though. 


Take Care, JDX

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Hi @jdx90 


I'm sure TalkTalk will offer Ultrafast Broadband to more locations in due course.


The TalkTalk Terms & Conditions say that the first router supplied to you is yours to keep but not any subsequent replacements of that first router.  If you paid for the Wi-Fi Hub then that's yours. Any kit you don't want to keep then TalkTalk ask you to return it for optimum recycling. But equally you can recycle at your local authority recycling depot.


Cancel your TalkTalk service gives all the information about early termination fees and £8.50 per month left on the contract is the right figure for Faster Fibre broadband services.


Switching to another provider like Sky that uses the Openreach network is just a case of placing the order for broadband and phone with Sky. Make sure that Sky are switching your telephone number from TalkTalk. You'll get confirmation letters from both. Your TalkTalk letter will give the early termination fees.


Sky will arrange the entire switch with TalkTalk and notify TalkTalk when the switch is done. Your TalkTalk service and billing will then cease. You'll get a final bill from TalkTalk so don't cancel any Direct Debit until you get the final bill indicating a zero balance due. Your final bill 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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