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Leaving Talktalk out of contract Bill Question

First Timer



I have been with Talktalk for nearly two years, my contract ended a while back and Talktalk confirmed there isn't any early cancellation charges if I decided to cancel as I am out of contract. I currently pay just under £30 per month for Broadband and line rental with a talktalk landline phone number. I have signed up for Fibre broadband with another supplier with the installation date of 4th March and go live date to a date that suits me anytime after 4th March. The other supplier is installing a Fibre connection and a new telephone line from the telgraph pole to the property. So when I cancel talktalk I am looking to cancel the broadband, line rental and lose the talktalk landline phone number I currently have, I have said to the new broadband supplier that I currently don't have an existing number, phone connection and phone line as I don't want my talktalk number transferred over.


My new broadband supplier won't be cancelling or transferring my talktalk broadband, so I will need to initiate the cancellation with talktalk. My talktalk account shows the latest bill due on 13th February 2017 with Billing period from 01 Feb to 28 Feb.


If I cancel the talktalk contract tomorrow will the broadband internet access end tomorrow or if not when?


Currently, I pay £18.95 line rental and £9.00 SimplyBroadband, will the last month be pro rata for the days the account is live or will I be charged the full £27.95?


If I cancel tomorrow will my last bill be for 01 Feb to 28 Feb or 1 March to 31 March?

Thanks for your help, Dan
Insightful One
I am pretty sure in your situation you will be required to give 30 days notice to TT as the new provider IS NOT taking over your line, therefore they should disconnect you at the end of that period.