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Leaving dates and charges

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I'm going to leave, for various reasons. I have calls and faster fibre and my contract end date is 13th October.


If I tell the new supplier to start on the 14th, is that the best option?

Will I therefore be charged for just one day "out of contract" by Talktalk? I know they will charge for the whole month in advance, but this should get refunded as far as I can tell.


I also have unlimited calls boost which I have had for free. The free bit ends sooner than the 13th, so I guess I need to cancel that beforehand to avoid being charged full price for it.


Any thoughts or advice as to the best way to leave please?


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Thanks for replying and for your helpful input.

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Yes, if you are likely not to clock up many phone calls between the expiry of the free boost and when you leave,  just remove it when it's due to expire, or maybe a day earlier to be on the safe side, @bedders.


However, individual calls are expensive these days. 70 mins of calls, @21p per minute (so little more than an hour) cost more than the £14.00 per month boost, and you would be refunded for unused days pro rata after you left if you keep it in place. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.